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  1. summi

    Looking for master/visa card provider app for Facebook promotion

    I manage multiple BM account in a week spend $10k plus a day looking for company which provide visa/master card against our deposit amount. One of my friend using this. But he not guide me. I am sure in market this kind of facility available. Thanks
  2. summi

    [JV] Looking FB Ads expert for E com Drop shipping a million-dollar opportunity Daily Payment

    I need JV partner having experience in FB ads for the E com dropshipping store. I will invest all money FB ads expense, product expense, Shopify expense, etc manage the product delivery. You only need to do an FB advertisement. What's your Job Research Product Create good Shopify store...
  3. summi

    Which platform allow media buying for Face mask or covid 19 product?

    I want to promote face mask and COVID 19 related products. I have a client who has manufactured unit for face masks. I only do media buying on Google and Facebook and these both platform doesn't allow to promote COVID-19 related product. So which platform you guys suggested for this kind of...
  4. summi

    [JV] My ecom store your PayPal account

    Looking to JV only requirement you need to have USA , Europe paypal account. I will invest all money. It's e-commerce related work. Thanks
  5. summi

    VCC provider accepting Facebook Auto payment?

    Before 2 months FB has taken some steps and remove all debit cards from the business account for auto payment. After that only CC is acceptable for Auto payment. Due to frequently disable and deactivated fb account, It's hard to keep multiple CC. Anyone, please suggest a Virtual wallet or CC...
  6. summi

    [JV] Able to monetize my instagram account having 20 instgram Account In Makeup niche USA Audience

    Looking JV, Which have the experience to monetize a female audience. Having 20+ Instagram account having each follower in a range of 20k-60k. All accounts in makeup niche having most of the audience from the USA. Thanks
  7. summi

    Tips to solve Shadow banned Issue

    I have more than 10 accounts having 50k+ followers all handled by different VA by manually each account has separate devices. Earlier having growth 2k follower a day after shadowbanned now each day have a negative follower. All post reach only have home impression no hashtag or another...
  8. summi

    Best affiliate for tech website having category Gaming,Gadget,smartphone,internet etc

    Hello, Anyone, please suggest an affiliate network for a tech website. Having category Gaming, Gadget, Smartphone, Internet, photography, Startup, etc. Having 150k visitors a day right now only monetized via Google Adsense premium now want to monetize via affiliate product/Offer. If you have...
  9. summi

    What's make Stripe so popular drop shipper crazy about it?

    Hello, I just want to know why stripe is so popular among the dropshipping community. So using stripe as payment method increase conversion rate(how much % generally effects ) compare only using paypal. I researched and found Stripe supported Apple pay with accelerated functionality just like...
  10. summi

    How to sell Instagram Account?

    Hello, BHW Member, I want to sell the Instagram account. I want to know the best way to sell Instagram account. One Person contact in DM told to give me OG email and password . I told him to pay via paypal first but he denied For upfront. I knew may he scammer but i want to know best way apart...
  11. summi

    Best Method to increase follower from USA(One Country)?

    Hello, BHW Member, I want to know what is the best method to increase follower from USA(One country). After Profile got 5k followers automatically getting 500 followers a day depending on hashtag (use niche specific hashtag). But issue is Start getting follower from multiple countries slowly...
  12. summi

    [REQ] Free Instagram Scheduling Apps?

    Hi, BHW Member Let me know Free scheduling apps for instagram? Thanks
  13. summi

    How to add SHOP NOW call to action button in PPE Campaign?

    Hello BHW Member, I have posted one post on the page its have to SHOP action button I don't know how its comes in the post I published on the page but it really helps to get more click in PPE campaign but I am unable to figure it out how this happens another post not have any Call to action...
  14. summi

    Looking for JV from instagram shop enable country

    Hello, Looking for JV who are from country which is supported by instagram shop. We have more than 6 theme page in beauty niche want to collaborate and also want to support to get instagram shop enable account. Interested BHW member DM me. Thanks
  15. summi

    Any one selling Shop enable instagram account ?Followers doesn't matter?

    Any one selling shop enable instagram account ?Followers doesn't matter only condition need to have shop enable on page Thanks
  16. summi

    How to get approved for Instagram Shopping

    Hello, BHW Member, I really need the support of you guys. Facing issue with getting approve on Instagram shopping. I have attached screenshot I got in Shopify dashboard page after applying for the Instagram shop. The message "Your store isn't eligible for the Instagram product tagging"...
  17. summi

    Free Instagram scheduling App ?

    Hello, BHW Community, Please let me know free Instagram scheduling app ? Thanks
  18. summi

    USA audience in Beauty page reduce day by day What I will do?

    Hello, BHW Member, I am facing issue day by day USA audience reduced on beauty page. Initially, when I worked on f4f I followed targeted member has 90% USA audience. Once account grew slowly USA audience decreases because organic followers growth via feed post, all followers come organically...
  19. summi

    2.7M pin how tshirtunicorn done this?

    Hello, BHW community, I want to know how this account have 2.7M pin looks like all are non targeted random pin must use bot. Last 4 -5 pin is publish targeted one. So question is 1 Which bot service used by tshirtuniccorn 2 Why Pinterest not...
  20. summi

    Need Telegram Bot Script for an Instagram Engagement Group

    Hi, I am looking telegram bot script for an Instagram engagement group. Need to have function same like what other telegram group bot have e.g "Dx20 L&C |ENGAGEUP" Check this group functionality. Thanks