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    Want to register my business online(US)

    Hi guys am from a 3rd world country and i want to register my online business in the US(presson nails ) to US customers. It doesn't make that much My question which is the best state to register such business Which service (website) will be able to provide me wirh the necessary documents and...
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    looking to invest in a niche "budget $5000'

    Hey guys please which niche can i invest in with a budget of $5000 ?
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    How do you accept money from your clients on shoplifty

    Hi guys i need help, i ma from a country where we dont accept papal payments from other countries. i want to run a Shopify site for US customers. My question which platform card i recieve payments with since i dont live in the US. I Know shopify uses both PayPal and cad payments. Which payment...
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    Looking for expert to run me Google ads

    Hey sorry ur this ain't the right place to post it. I am looking for expert to run me google ads. No black hat or white hat. My niche is pet. Please send me a dm or comment and I will dm you to discuss more. Thanks in advance
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    Google ads account from a different country

    Hey guys i have a question,if i manage to get an old google account from USA or any other countrythat had spend on ads already in the past and i add my master card from my own country will it lead to the account being suspended ? Or lead to suspicious payment activity ?? Any help/advice will...
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    Google ADS (Sorry if am writing this again) i need help

    Hey guys i need some tips. i already of enough knowledge about Seo and keywords but i think its time to start of with google ads. i need guides from the pro's and i have a few questions do not if its the right place 1-How do i get aged google ads account ?( i hear getting the new ones gets you...
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    Google ADS

    Hey guys i need some tips. i already of enough knowledge about Seo and keywords but i think its time to start of with google ads. i need guides from the pro's and i have a few questions do not if its the right place 1-How do i get aged google ads account ?( i hear getting the new ones gets you...
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    keyword lost when checked movements on ahrefs

    Hey guys i have a problem in regards to my keywords. Few days ago i checked my keywords movements on ahrefs and i realized i had a lost a ton my High search volume keywords where as it was there a couple of days back. what could be the cause of the keywords listed on ahrefs "lost" ? what can i...
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    Google search console says my URL is not on google

    I have a problem guys, don't know if its a problem, so i checked my url in google search console using the "url inspection tool" but its says my URL IS NOT ON GOOGLE but when i check on google search using ( site:https:/ i found all my pages on google index and also checked using ahrefs...
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    scrapebox post comment problems

    Hi guys i have a lists of auto approved blog comments , in the past months i have posted on the successfully, checked my links manually in a browser and they all appear but recently, that's today i tried posting on the same blogs , scrapebox gives me success entries, i checked the links manually...
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    scrapebox doesn't complete posting comments

    So i have been posting on blogs and i realized my scrapebox doesnt complete posting on my blogs . For example on some url it will say "reading" some will say "posting" This can stand there for minutes without completing the action . it can stay for more than 15 minutes without completing the...
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    scrapebox still have failed results though having good proxies

    i have 22 proxies just for posting , in my scrape box settings in the connections. the poster i set to (1) and the times section i put the the poster to 20 but then i still have failed results and the scrape box doesn't recognize the the platform though its WordPress blogs. I still dont know...
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    scrapebox proxies test results.

    hey guys so i purchased a few proxies for work, i tested them and they results i got was "failed 407 proxy" thats for both anonymous and google test pass. am confused on what that is. i just purchased them
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    blog commenting status "failed"

    Hey guys i have a problem with scrape box, after successful getting wordpress blogs with the ahrefs method that was shared couple of days back, when i tried to comment using scrapebox all i get for the status is "failed" you think maybe its because of bad proxies ? or is there something else am...
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    scrapebox not having "slow poster"

    Hi SEO guru's , I recently got the scrape box fir my projects but one thing I realized each time I used the "fast poster" I don't get much success but then i checked on the software but i cant find "slow poster" all I have is (fast poster,manual poster,trackbacks and contact forms) but no 'slow...
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    Hey guys in need of great help with pbn turned money sites, after tuning my pbn to money site what kind of links should i be pointing to the new money site pbn to boost rankings and capture my new keywords for my niche. Please any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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    software to clone a website

    looking for a software or program to clone a website . not intended for SEO services , just as reference so it doesn't have to be indexed on google
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    Google rebots.txt

    Hey guys upon updates on the site that was indexed on Bing and not indexed on Google. after checking coverage on search console i. i did check coverage and i got i message saying "linked crawled but not indexed" so i did checking robots.txt file blocking but this is what it shows User-agent...
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    website indexed on bing but not on google

    Hey guys , can anyone recommend me on what to do, my site has been indexed on Bing within just few minutes but on google after months of waiting its still not indexed. Any recommendations on what to do please???
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    website not indexing after manual action was removed

    Happy new year to you all, i have a problem with one of my money sites. google had marked my site with a manual action of spam, scrapping content but i did change all that and I got it reviewed and manual action was removed but now since then i have tried to index the site but don't know what's...