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    black hat seo needed

    I need someone REALLY GOOD to do some black hat seo and make a landing page for each keyword in google uk, yahoo uk and msn uk. I have 10 keywords i want in first page. If anyone wants to do this, please PM me with prices.
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    Question for anyone living in the UK

    I am looking to place adult classified ad in a newspaper that gets the most exposure. Can anyone recommend a newspaper in London that has a lot of readers, preferably a free weekly newspaper highly distributed. Thanks
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    western union question

    I dont know if this is the right section, but here is my quesiton. We are trying to set up a business western union or money gram account where people from all over the world can pay our account and we get the cash. Does anyone have any experience they can share in this if its possible and if...
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    I need 1k gmails ASAP!

    I need a thousand gmail accounts with imap enabled and you need to be able to accept eppassport payment. Mesage me if you can help. Thanks
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    domain question

    Is there a way to use a non registered domain as a link in a email and have it redirected to my site?
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    domain question

    Is there a way to use a non registered domain as a link in a email and have it redirected to my site?
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    someone stole my site and is using it for spam need help

    I have a site and i was spammed this morning with my own site front page but when you click the sign up it takes you to their site. And I am going to be getting all the heat for them spamming using my site and my links and making a profit from my design and idea anyone know what I should do? I...
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    need c++/coder team for project

    Hi, I am looking for a coder Russian or Ukraine preferably for obvious reasons this is a grey area project let me know if you are interested and willing to break some rules :) Thanks :D
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    i need https proxies

    please let me know if anyone can help Thanks
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    need a designer

    Hi, I need a adult designer for 2 landing pages and a pop up please PM me with your contact details immediately. Thanks :)
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    looking for a russian/ukraine coder

    Hi, I'm looking for either a coder or developer who is pro at c# this is a project in the grey area if you know what I mean please let me know if you are interested for immediate interview if I cannot find what I am looking for online I may just go to the Ukraine and interview in person if you...
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    where can i buy a proxylist with a pre paid cc?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding a place to buy proxies needs verification and for you to fax then a lot of info that i dont have because I will be paying with a pre paid visa. Anyone know of a site that sells proxies that doesn't need you to fax them info? Thanks
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    I need a designer immediately!!!

    Hi, I need a designer who takes epassporte please let me know immediately if you are available to start working immediately. Thanks
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    3 projects for a developer or coder or anyone computer savvy

    Hi, I have been looking for someone to complete a few projects I have outstanding they are a bit complex so if you have the time to begin work immediately please let me know Thanks I have posted the jobs on here individually at least 2 of them but have only gotten a couple replies please send me...
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    i need a myspace tech PRO

    Hi, I need to create a online checker for myspace. The system will go through the browsing section of myspace and only (scrap) online users and put into a excel file Please let me know if you are available for immediate work and I'll give more details. Thanks
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    Any mass mailers out there?

    Hi looking for mass mailers 50% (profit)is the going rate let me know if you are interested. ALWAYS hiring Thanks :)
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    need a pop up

    Looking for someone to develop a un-blockable pop up ad. PM me if you are interested Thanks
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    I need a tech

    Hi, my name is Lindsey I have a few new projects available for techs immediately please PM me if you are interested Thanks