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  1. pepekobasa

    App review and installs

    Looking for someone who do app keyword review and installs. I want real accounts, not bots. PM me if you are interested to work with me. Cheers!
  2. pepekobasa

    Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

    I have two questions: 1. Will Logan Paul have a chance to win? 2. Why did Mayweather chose to fight Logan Paul instead of Manny Pacquiao? My bet would be on Mayweather since Logan Paul is just a living meme boxer together with his BS brother.
  3. pepekobasa

    Any Pinoys/Filipinos here? I have a question for you

    If you are a filipino comment below!
  4. pepekobasa

    Indexing issues!

    Hello guys I have a question if you also have an indexing issues? Because my one site is having a hard time to index my new articles that I wrote on April. ( What I am talking about is my site 2 if you read my journey). However, my old articles are now on page 1 and 2 and I really don't know...
  5. pepekobasa

    Can't connect to google docs, please help!

    Hello guys! I am editing my website then suddenly google docs goes "site cannot be reached". My internet connection is very fast and stable. DO you have any issue currently tooo?
  6. pepekobasa

    Is Video Game Niche is YMYL?

    Hello guys, I have been thinking if video game niche for blogging a YMYL. Is it?
  7. pepekobasa

    Got a free domain! Please help me with niche selection hehe!

    So I had a free domain from hostarmada since they have free domain and free moving of sites. So guys, what niche do you think is good that will bring money to my bank account. What on my mind is: - Cycling (since I am biking around my country) - Household cleaning (Basic knowledge that everyone...
  8. pepekobasa

    Ezoic doesn't approved me! (I am angry and disappointed)

    So I entered to the access now program and I passed the test. After Ezoic reviewed my website, they sent me this which is really frustrating. My niche is about sports and they said that I scraped content (which is not). I also don't have any malicious and sensitive content on my website, and...
  9. pepekobasa

    Indexing Issues?

    Hello guys, I think there is an indexing issue that is happening on the big G. When I submit my new articles this past month on Google, it will show on page 1 then suddenly removed on the search after 3 days. I even can't find my articles on the following pages! Is this happening to you? Do you...
  10. pepekobasa

    How To Increase Sessions On My Website?

    Hello guys! Some of you already know me because I always ask lots of question here. Pardon me hehe. So today I have another question (in the title). MY site is already 8 months old, almost all of my articles are on page 1, getting 80-100 users per day, my fb page is already 27k followers...
  11. pepekobasa

    How often do you write?

    For bloggers here that don't have any interest on outsourcing their articles and write by themselves, how often do you write during a month? Because actually I am becoming dull when I write everyday and my friends told me that I should have at least 2 breaks in a week. So it means I should write...
  12. pepekobasa

    Thoughts on eBay affiliate program?

    Hello guys, I just want to ask if anyone of you is using eBay affiliate program. I am thinking about trying eBay affiliate program for my new site since I had a bad experience from Amazon from my past site. What do you think is the pros and cons of using eBay? Does eBay has a lot of commission...
  13. pepekobasa

    DMCA Accused HELP ME!

    Hey guys! I have posted already about this last month and today the owner of the website, which in fact my competitor, emailed me again and accused me of copying his content. Here are the screenshots: I have contacted namecheap and they said that there are no reports against my website. I...
  14. pepekobasa

    My Article Was Removed By Google! What Are The Reasons?

    Hello guys! I want to ask some questions about google algorithm. So My website is 1 month old and last week I check my three articles that are on page one already (without building links). My two articles are on number 5 while the other article is on number 3, both page 1. My article that is...
  15. pepekobasa

    Articles Not Ranking? What Is The Reason?

    Hello guys! I have a question related to blogging and ranking. So since November 1 2020, I am writing many articles for my site (EVERYDAY!!). All are underserved topics or topics that no one has written before. I mostly get all my topics on quora questions and I am hundred percent sure that...
  16. pepekobasa

    Copyright Infringement Google Question???

    So, there is one guy who emailed me and reported me at Google because he says that I copied his article. However, I only use his website as one of my references. Our topic is almost the same, but the body of my article is vastly different from his website. I get an idea from his site but what I...
  17. pepekobasa

    BLOGGING JOURNEY: Dropping out of college at the end of the year

    I hate school! I really don't see the value of it because everytime I go to school all I do is sleep on classes, cut class to go outside to have fun or smoke. I really don't see any value from it. In fact, I have learned much more outside the school than in school. What I have learned? - I...
  18. pepekobasa

    Pinterest account got banned as well my website, UGH!!!!

    So guys I am planning to post my journey this January 2021 but bad thing happened and I think this is the most bullshit thing happened to me since day 1 of using Pinterest. My new blogsite got banned and my Pinterest account that already some traction got banned as well :( Is this how...
  19. pepekobasa

    I Am Confused, For Real!!!

    I am really confused guys hope you don't mind helping me to ease my confusion. While I am researching for topics, I saw some good estbalished blogsites. I saw that each blogsite has many grammatical errors! I am confused because why these blogsites are still ranking even if they have many...
  20. pepekobasa

    What Niche Do You Think Will Earn More?

    Hello guys, after having a semi-successful blogsite, I am planning to start a new site this coming December. I need your help in picking a niche. These 3 niche are the niche I add to the list because I have a experience about it and I love any of these 3 niche. But sadly, I have to choose only...