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  1. antsaoo

    Building a wireless network with landing page.

    Or maybe you could use search. Should not be that hard task, doesnt need to be techical genius.
  2. antsaoo

    Does CPA + [email protected] niches working in these days?

    Definitely works. People are always looking to find cheats for games these days. Also there are ever growing number of games which monetize with in-game purchases say skins in various games or what ever you can buy in them. Even if you don't have real hacks just give em fakes. Serves them right...
  3. antsaoo

    Is it hard to get applied to amazon aff these days ?

    So i though about expanding on some amazon stuff and i was wondering how hard its to get into their affiliate program these days. I though ill make some small website talking about some niche related stuff where it would be convenient to put amazon ads just for the application, for now atleast...
  4. antsaoo

    WSO: BH your way into the girls locker room - the legal way

    Nice wonder if they let me join women sport and dominate boxing or such. There are real people who are genetically other sex/gender or what ever but have the other equipment. My friends ex "gf" was genetically a man, my friend was bit shocked when she told him that. O well shit happends. Myself...
  5. antsaoo

    youtube videos getting deleted

    What do you mean ,can you elaborate a bit please? My videos breaking rules ? ofcourse they are :D but i try to keep it in the video and not in any text. Wonder if they can read urls from the videos ?
  6. antsaoo

    youtube videos getting deleted

    I have uploaded some slideshow videos into youtube and after a few hours most of them get deleted yet some of them remain. I wonder if someone's reporting them or YT just deleting them. I wonder if i should my videos more diverse and add some sound, wonder if that would help. Any good tips ?
  7. antsaoo

    What is your dream car?

    If i could choose id take the lamborghinis sesto elemento. Or datzun 240z s30 with os giken rb315 and os giken sequential. Full tubeframe and carbon panels and ofcourse all brake/suspension and other supportin mods. Then paint it matte black with spray bottle :D
  8. antsaoo

    Opportunity Within My 9-5

    Depending on what kind of position and how important you are to the company i would maybe ask that 26$ hour and the commuting costs, maybe 1h salary on travel. Dunno how realistic that is tho, never worked on "real" job
  9. antsaoo

    Swapping marketing skills for sexual favors?

    Or you could just make monies and get hookers, don't really see any difference.
  10. antsaoo

    How can I Accept Payments by IBAN on my website?

    Well i think you would still need some kind of payment gateway for that which allow people to pay from their bank account. Atleast here id say all online stores allow paying throught online banking but they must be using some gateway as it allows payments from all local banks and does all the...
  11. antsaoo

    Psychedelic drugs to open your mind, what say you?

    You can't really describe that, it will really depend on person. But youll definitely will think different, atleast in silly ways if nothing else. I would suggest you take pen and paper or voice recorder if you want to remember those thoughts, depending how fucked up you are might be that you...
  12. antsaoo

    I make thread titles like I was 12

    I agree. Could do with proper title and the books in 1 thread , no need for post 50 of them separately. Good thing they can be found in YT for free.
  13. antsaoo

    Life is all about living for your Passion

    Well said. But paul walker wasn't driving the car, it was his friend.
  14. antsaoo

    old members in bhw..

    Thats quite a long time ago indeed. Its soon 7 years for me in here. Quite a time id say.
  15. antsaoo

    What do you read?

    Thinking fast and slow was good indeed, although i did not read the thinking fast and slow till the end, yet. Tipping point was great. Another good book from malcom gladwell is "blink" Its about fast thinking and the stuff you gather in a blink of an eye. Some book i read almost till the end...
  16. antsaoo

    How To Make 1 Million+ dollar a day

    zimbabwean bugatti :D donkey wearing bugatti cap pulling cart. Youll get those 24" rims tho also theya are made from wood, Not everyone has those.
  17. antsaoo

    Any Software To Use Your Pc With USB GSM Modem As Mobile Phone?

    if you have huawei you can receive text messages to mobile partner which should be delivered with the modem itself. Ofc you need to change the sim manually but its quite fast operation tho.
  18. antsaoo

    I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks :D

    Aren't you in the gym to get big not lose weight ?
  19. antsaoo

    The movie you should watch right now

    Best part was when hitler called police station. Is this the police ? Yea its the police, Fuck you !
  20. antsaoo

    working with bipolar disorder?

    Great post indeed full of good points and solid info. I think everyone should read some psychology books to better understand their actions and thoughs. Origins of everyday moods, strangers to ourselves power of habits and maybe the now habit would be good. There are great examples of how self...