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  1. Lilgwanz

    Online Database Tool or Service?

    Anyone have an idea on any tool or online service which I can use to create an online database for records like name email etc of users please any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Lilgwanz

    Web Quotation Template

    Hi any web dev who can help me with this? So a client needs a quotation and i am really good at just the technical stuff/codes and not preparing of invoices and Quotes.. How do you prepare your Web dev quotation for a project ( i'd really appreciate samples please)
  3. Lilgwanz

    What wallet do you recommend

    Hello guys please i am in need of a wallet where i can buy and sell bitcoin using usd and with reasonable rate please!
  4. Lilgwanz

    I need a good Web programmer

    Hi I’m interested in the service of a good web programmer kindly please pm me your skype and I’d reach out cheers
  5. Lilgwanz

    Method For Finding Relevant Fb Groups?

    Hi friends, please can anyone give advice on an easy way to find relevant and active Facebook groups? I provide Freelance Services and I feel It’s time I try Facebook for leads Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  6. Lilgwanz

    Getting Web Design Sales

    So long story short, few years ago I usually got lots of sales from creating a simple banner ad with content like “Get a website/blog for x amount” Clients click and go to my site, then they either contact me via whatsapp or fill a contact form. Sales has suddenly slowed down and I have a...
  7. Lilgwanz

    Adsense pin verification

    Hello brothers please i need someone who can receive an adsense pin in germany i am willing to pay $10
  8. Lilgwanz

    403 forbidden error

    Hi guys please all my sites hosted on webxen suddenly got a 403 forbidden error.Please has anyone experienced such and how do I fix this as my permissions are all ok and set to 755 or 644 yet all sites are down:weep:
  9. Lilgwanz

    Giving Instagram a Shot:Journey To $100 A Day

    FIRST OF THE TITLE IS A CLICK BAIT:) So after going through this forum for a while i have decided to give instagram a shot and i plan on just scaling up whatever i make at first. THINGS I HAVE SET UP ALREADY: 1-A vps $8 2-5 PVA Instagram accounts made by me (sim cards are dirt cheap in my...
  10. Lilgwanz

    Got accepted into Ogads easily :)

    Yea yea I know it's no big deal atall besides I just wanted to create my first thread here lol. So I applied for Cpabuild and I got rejected instantly within an hour and I believe it's due to my country :( so I read lots of this pinned messages on how to apply for ogads and I used them and viola...
  11. Lilgwanz

    Cloud based traffic

    Hi guys please I'm in need of any cloud based bot traffic to test run a host.Any ideas would be really appreciated thanks
  12. Lilgwanz

    Quick Adsense address verification

    Hello guys pls I need someone who can receive my US adsense pin for a fee.COntact me on Skype lilgwanz I need it urgently thanks
  13. Lilgwanz

    Best place to buy quality traffic for cpc arbitrage

    Guys pls I need recommended sites I can get quality traffic not human and us traffic only.Basically I need this cause a friend does this stiff with adsense and he gets like 300k page views and makes about 300usd a day.He says he buys the traffic for dirt cheap but he refused to let me in the...
  14. Lilgwanz

    Us adsense account

    Guys pls I need a us adsense account if possible today contact me on Skype:- lilgwanz
  15. Lilgwanz

    Redirecting adsense with Java code

    Hi guys please i learnt this cool trick on how to redirect adsense ads on or rather on how to show adsense ads other sites using Java code but so far the ads appear but they are always locked to a particular size and they are very small.please help I have attached a pic of how the ads always...