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  1. liman

    Merch by Amazon?

    I am thinking to buy an account. From your experience, is it worth it? is it safe to buy? I heard that Amazon will end up blocking your account when they detect the ownership change.
  2. liman

    Hiring a VA for Web 2.0s creation

    I am looking to hire a VA for creating multiple web 2.0s. Rate is $3/h.
  3. liman

    What is the best page speed you ever got with pingdom?

    You can check your site here and share the result with us. Here is mine. It is from March, but the best so far.
  4. liman

    How much time does it take until you get a reply from BHW support?

    Any experience? i have been waiting an answer for a while now. This feels like another PP customer support service.
  5. liman

    Godaddy reseller ?

    Hi, Does anyone here have any experience with Godaddy reseller program? any thoughts on it, pros and cons from your own experience?
  6. liman

    Google places: My customer did not received the verification postcard

    I am trying to list my customer's business on Google Places (Map). The only method of verification offered is by postcard. So far requested it twice, but my customer never received it. I am not sure if this problem is in Australia only, because i have done the same with a client in the UK and...