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  1. I am Ak

    Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp.

    Facebook, Instagram,Whatsapp is Down. Do you have the same problem or is it just me?
  2. I am Ak

    Italy vs england

    Hello Everyone. Today match is very interesting. Italy 1 goal and England 1 goal. who will win today match? i am supporting England .
  3. I am Ak

    Redirect url

    Hello BHW. Can any buddy guide me What is redirect url? In world of seo redirect url called as backlink? Can we use redirect URL in SEO? What is diff Between redirect URL & Backlinks? Or is it safe for any website. Thanks
  4. I am Ak

    Learn Seo.

    How to learn SEO? This is realism There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand eyes Someone learns by reading Any learner through the forum Some people practice and learn over and over again But at least learning SEO will be a hassle.
  5. I am Ak

    How to do Amazon listing guest post?

    Hello Every one. I need some help about guest posting. Can any buddy guid me. How to do Amazon listing guest post. Majority website admins only accept onlye 1 or 2 ******** links. But in amzon listing guest website have too many do follow links. Is Amazon a separate website for guest posting or...
  6. I am Ak

    PBN VS Guest Post.

    Hello BHW. Can anybody tell me what's the difference between PBN & Guest Post. Regard i am Ak
  7. I am Ak

    Thanks All of you

    At first I didn't understand how to use BHW. Now I enjoy using BHW. I am thankful to everyone for welcoming and giving so much love. Thanks
  8. I am Ak

    Hello BHW Community

    I was recently joined BHW. Now i am learning how to use BHW. Please give your opinion. Thanks
  9. I am Ak

    How to sell service.

    Hello Buddy. I am New Here. I am Specialiest in SEO. And expert in PBN and Guest Post. But i cant understand how to sell service here. Please help me