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  1. Starblazer

    This is Fu*ing crazy-- Any Billionaires here ?

    This is actually scary. Crypto might break the economies around the world at this pace.
  2. Starblazer

    Suggestion related to "The Lounge" section

    Why are you expecting value from Lounge when it isn't meant to be a professional section? It's like asking authorities to remove park in a residential area because you think people are wasting a lot of time in the park.
  3. Starblazer

    Are You Gay?

    This is so disappointing that we have to remind people to be nice once in a while :(
  4. Starblazer

    Does anyone have an idea to get sites like this?

    It looks more like a business than a regular website. The owner might've spent a lot of money in branding and marketing. We can't recreate it with meagre budgets.
  5. Starblazer

    Internal linking - do U really need it?..

    The central idea of internal links is to provide more info to interesting users. For example, if I write movie reviews, I can link to actors profiles within the review, so that anyone interested in knowing more about them can check their profiles/bios. The sites like IMDB retain users to a great...
  6. Starblazer

    fuck google

    Apart from content and backlinks, there are several other factors that influence your rankings. Google prefers freshness score for some keywords, content length for some, content format (images, videos, podcasts etc.) for some, and authority sites for some others. So, it's difficult to say...
  7. Starblazer

    Accordion FAQ or regular FAQ?

    If you think FAQ is not important but just additional info (like citations) for curious users, you can use accordion style. Otherwise, just use regular FAQ and format it in such a way that users can skim through questions and read answers to interesting questions.
  8. Starblazer

    Affiliate Crypto

    Start a crypto Youtube channel, offer a course, or write a free ebook. This will help you attract newbies. You can share a method to earn crypto and throw a few affiliate links.
  9. Starblazer

    Google Link Exploits - Boost Your Backlinks

    Google is bored of these links to the extent that it considers them a waste of time for crawlers. Moz still crawls them though. You can create these links when Moz launches their own search engine.
  10. Starblazer

    Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set

    How could anyone use a prop gun to kill a person? Never heard of such thing before. People don't get shot & killed accidentally on movie sets. They might be using real gun with real bullets. I don't know if it's a murder attempt or a grave mistake, but it's no accident.
  11. Starblazer

    The irony of marketing related jobs

    If you have the skills to make $2M/year, you should start your own business and grow it even if you only make $20k/year.
  12. Starblazer

    PayPal looking to buy Pinterest in $39B deal

    Pinterest is going to be a Marketplace for sure. They're probably planning to compete with Amazon. Regardless of acquisition, Pinterest is already implementing shopping feature.
  13. Starblazer

    High Quality Backlink Method

    I think someone scammed you with an outdated link building course. Tumblr slumbered long ago.
  14. Starblazer

    Viral crypto marketing method

    I think her existing followers gave an initial boost due to shock factor and the crypto News channels picked it up. The underlying process can be implemented for other niches, but the biggest marketing factor is a legit hot girl with noods in her bio :D
  15. Starblazer

    How often is GSC coverage report updated?

    Normally GSC updates data every 24 hours at midnight. But sometimes it stops for a few days. There is nothing to worry about it.
  16. Starblazer

    Do people actually make money with Clickbank?

    The Youtubers in MMO niche are mostly beginners in IM who just share info without trying it themselves. These videos look exciting to newbies so that they stick to the channel forever. CB products do convert but you need to find right products for your target audience.
  17. Starblazer

    [Guide] Step by Step On How To Create Community Federal Savings Bank Payoneer

    This looks really simple. Now a lot of people will sell this service on Fiverr :D
  18. Starblazer

    Best feeling in the whole world

    Why not just use a phone in vibration mode? Or a dildo :smirk:
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    You should drive traffic outside your channel to a site or store, and then monetize the traffic. It's difficult to make money within Youtube for such a niche.
  20. Starblazer

    Wordpress site hacked

    You should backup your posts and do a clean reinstall.