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  1. starcity83

    Robinhood Rival Adds Shiba Inu Trading To Its Platform

    Robinhood Rival Public Adds Shiba Inu Trading platform.
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    Shiba Inu predictions

    Shiba Inu could Reach 50 Cents By December 2022 and .01 by the end of this year 2021. It is now even on Coin Cloud over 4000 ATM machines. Get ready folks.
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    Will Shiba Inu ever reach $.01?

    Do you think SHIB will ever reach 1 cent or even 1/2 cent?
  4. starcity83

    Internet going to shut down

    Already starting today. There is supposed to be 10 days of darkness. What will you stock up on?
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    Mcafee still alive
  6. starcity83

    Bill Gates & vaccine

    Is Bill Gates just a good person and wants everyone to take the vaccine. Or is there a hidden agenda?
  7. starcity83

    Is Tesla 369 true?

    I have been trying to fit those numbers 3, 6, and 9 into my websites as kind of a subiminal code.
  8. starcity83

    Bitcoin $1,000,000+

    When retail stores worldwide all are required to accept Bitcoin as currency the price will explode to more than $1,000,000.00
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    USA has over 50% of active coronavirus cases worldwide

    Worldometer coronavirus Data: 9,453,715÷18,669,309= over 50% Going by world population this does not seem remotely possible.
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    T-mobile hacked

    Hackers claim to have obtained the data of 100 million people—including sensitive personal information.
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  12. starcity83

    To play it safe I got all 3 shots this weekend

    A shot of Windsor, a shot of Jim Beam, and a shot of Jack Daniels.
  13. starcity83

    Delta variant

    The USA has 37% of all active cases according to worldometer stats. Going by worlds population and statistics this just isn't possible. Fake reporting going on, more than you could imagine.
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    *NEW* Simple way to increase click throughs

    Just add *NEW* to the beginning of any text ad or E-mail . Even if It's not new, people are always looking for something new and it will increase your clicks easy. Examples: *NEW* How To Pick Up Hot Women ONLINE! *NEW* " Your Ad Here"
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    More proof McAfee was murdered
  16. starcity83

    DuckDuckGo vs Google

    My websites all rank on the first page of duckduckgo but only 1 ranks on the first page of Google. It seems like Google for the most part is very unfair.
  17. starcity83

    Populationwise fake coronavirus reporting

    How are these numbers even possible without fake reporting? USA active cases 4,865,805 India active cases 457,915 China active cases 466 UK active cases 634,266
  18. starcity83

    motorized bicycle and scooter skateboard crashes

    It seems like there have been a lot of serious crashes with these. Causing serious injuries or death. Since they can use the same right of way as the regular bicycle and pedestrian trail systems. The motorized skate boards if you hit even a crack or divit in the pavement or pc. of deri at 20 mph...
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    What's the best place to post an affiliate ad?

    Other than Google ads what's the best place to post an affiliate ad for the money?