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  1. gimmeluthvi

    We Are Living Because we Don't DIE

    Truth. I suggest you dive into Kapil Gupta's writing. Also, read this. Also this.
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    (Free .xyz Domain): For Everyone

    I grabbed one. Thank OP.
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    I have something to confess

    Got you man, I mean, look at Justin's man boobs for real. Sexy as hell.
  4. gimmeluthvi

    Getting rejected on adsense

    I checked yours; too many thin content in your website. From my experience, it's better to fill your website with a FEW huge content (1.500+ words per article) than populating it with a LOT of thin content when signing with Adsense.
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    BHW dead slow engagement time

    Why? Did you miss someone? Go tell him directly, let him know bro.
  6. gimmeluthvi

    Am I being cheated by this Fiverr guy?

    You've been played bro, give him something in return, 1 star review sounds fair to me.
  7. gimmeluthvi

    Remembering The Legend...

  8. gimmeluthvi

    What can be done with $6000?

    Just buy more $link bro, i bought it myself just now.
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    I Took A COVID19 Test And.....

    Same vibe; same energy:
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    Dude, you fucked up really bad this time.
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    What are some absolute truths in SEO that you’ve come across?

    You only one content/link away to hear "brrrrrrr" sounds (money printing machine). Keep producing.
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    Jeff Bezos crossed 200bln$ wealth

    Damn, he is only 56 years old now -- I bet he could make another hundo billio.
  13. gimmeluthvi

    And how your bots are doing?

    And here is the illustration:
  14. gimmeluthvi

    [JOURNEY] Learning Python to Write Scripts.

    Hey man, this is my first day learning Python.. just wanna to say thank you for creating this thread and all folks that helping with some reading/watching materials for me to digest. So what is going on, man? Keep us update when you can.
  15. gimmeluthvi

    It's my last day on BHW .....

  16. gimmeluthvi

    [15 Year Old JOURNEY] 1000$/week with Youtube CPA

    Our fellow under 20's blackhaters really hustlin, go get it boy
  17. gimmeluthvi

    [FREE] $100-$350+ EVERY DAY METHOD - No Fluff - UNSATURATED

    Playing Rise of Kingdoms, sir? You must be a BIG whale with all of these earnings per day. Sorry for out of topic reply.