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  1. NawtyBoy

    Facebook Group

    Hello Everyone, Long story short, Someone gifted me a FB group to me 1 week ago which has 4k member in it and increasing day by day! I want to grow the group to at least 30k-40k members. The group is a Local group wherein people post about their day to day needs like any suggestions about a...
  2. NawtyBoy

    Fastpages landing page

    Anyone using for landing page?? Is it good enough to invest my money in?? Any idea about their uptime??
  3. NawtyBoy

    Question regarding Fastpages Landing Page

    Anyone using for landing page?? Is it good enough to invest my money in?? Any idea about their uptime??
  4. NawtyBoy

    Sub-domain on Closte

    Hello Everyone, I have added my domain name from porkbun to closte and its working perfectly. Can anyone tell me how can I create a subdomain like >>> Searched on their site but unable to find any leads, So asking all the gurus in here :D Thank you!
  5. NawtyBoy

    Reselling and Whitelabelling of Software allowed?

    As the title say, is it allowed? I was usually surfing today and found a software which is here being sold here for approx $200 per year and the same software is sold for $79 (ONE TIME)on site like appsumo :D So was wondering if its allowed?
  6. NawtyBoy

    Porkbun is good?

    I am Registering a .org domain through porkbun for the period of 3 years and its costing me $28. What do you suggest guys? Shall i go ahead and purchase it or use another registrar? PS: Do not want to use godaddy.
  7. NawtyBoy

    Can I register a new domain on Cloudflare?

    I signed up there on cloudflare but there is nothing pointing me towards >> register a new domain. Kindly help if it is possible. Thank you
  8. NawtyBoy

    Google Introduces ‘People Cards’ in India to Let You Build Your Public Profile for Search Engine

    Google Introduces ‘People Cards’ in India to Let You Build Your Public Profile for Search Engine
  9. NawtyBoy

    Giveaway LinkedIn Emails

    Hello everyone, I will give you 100 plus emails to first 10 people to grow your Linkedin accounts. All you will have to tell me the niche keywords + location and I will provide with 100+ emails so you can import into your connections. You can also also import emails to your mailing list and...
  10. NawtyBoy

    Token Access

    Hello Everyone, I am using a bot for Facebook, in which I have an option to login via token access. Does anyone know a tool to generate token for Facebook?? Or is there a manual way to generate token?? Searched online there are many websites it asks for password to generate token, I am bit...
  11. NawtyBoy

    WhatsApp Television Commercials!

    Here in India, Whatsapp is showing Television commercials so my question is how are they going to profit from it??
  12. NawtyBoy

    Lifetime Licenses Marketplace

    I have seen a lot of time that sellers here sell some software they develop in the marketplace with a lifetime license and after a while, they stop developing it and their thread is also shut. Don't you think this is also a scam?? And can we shitlist those sellers?? I am talking as i bought...
  13. NawtyBoy

    Free Help

    Hi, Just asking that if someone has put a post in HAF. But if I know a method to get that for free can I pm him? I dont want a warning so asking, as just want to help someone.
  14. NawtyBoy


    The current marketplace looks messy, and i think everyone should get a chance to be visible, i suggest respected administration should limit the number of stickies in a section. Only 5 stickies can be shown at a current time. When someone refreshes the page other 5 should be visible. And the...
  15. NawtyBoy

    Any Reliable Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software

    Yes, can anyone recommend me any Bulk WhatsApp Sending Software. Which is reliable and is updated regularly. The one in the BHW marketplace isn't working i guess as the OP is not responding in his thread. Thank you.
  16. NawtyBoy

    ESET Mobile Security for Android Premium for FREE

    ESET Mobile Security for Android Premium for FREE You can get a free license code for ESET Mobile Security for Android every month. Step 1. Change your IP address to Hungary Go to the promo page Use this code: xh4uu35d and enter your name – email address
  17. NawtyBoy

    How these hashtags work?

    I am new to this social media and all, never used twitter or facebook for anything. I am not into internet marketing for living, I am into some offline business but i can get some online leads aswell. So how can i use this hashtags for advertising my business. Any help would be useful. Thanks
  18. NawtyBoy

    Which domain to choose?

    I want to purchase a new domain. But the thing is the keyword which i chose it already taken. Its a two word keyword like "key" "word" Help me in choosing the right domain. > keyword(s).com > > Or any other suggestion? PS: I would be ranking this site locally in...
  19. NawtyBoy

    Discounts on BST?

    I have seen a lot of thread in BST section on BHW. On which the discount it given like a Title of a Thread >>[50% Discount] And when someone goes through the thread there is no discount, because the discount was for New Year or Some Easter and so on. I would suggest that those threads on...
  20. NawtyBoy

    Link Building Questions

    I have a site up and running with all the pages indexed. I have different sub pages with different keywords to rank. My plan is to create between 5-7 web 2.0 Manually for every sub pages Like Keyword 1(Sub Page1) -> 7 Web 2.0 Manually (Tier1) -> Tier2 with RankerX -> Tier3 Blast of GSA or...