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    Regain Access to WordPress Admin

    This might help: If you're implying you need someone to hack or do some unauthorised access, this wouldn't be allowed here.

    Warning for the review copies "thieves"

    Answered and closed. Stay safe.

    Jr VIP for a New Account? - with additional payment?

    This is answered, so closing. Have a nice day.

    How to remove this annoying Ad-blocker message from top of screen ?

    It's the VPN then, blocking something on the page. Try the VPN off and then clear your cache and try again. If you still see it, something else is interfering.

    Better Search Option, What do you think?

    Hmmm... That's one for @Jammie Dodger but I don't think this would happpen, although the best case scenario would be an option for everyone to pick their own defaults. I'll close this for now with that in mind and if any staff want to add anything, they can.

    BHW Shop + BHW Coins

    Mhm... Not sure about this one. We are working on 'something' though, so 'watch dis space'... Feedback taken on board and closing for now...

    Can’t Whitelist BHW using NextDNS

    Seems answered, so closing. For others, disable VPN, Proxies, DNS blocking, addons, extensions, adblockers, etc. and remember, we have a wonderful support team if unsure ;)

    [Request] Support for marketplace infographic threads

    You can use this site, we support most third party hosts, just not one you can change ie Answered and closed.

    URL Inspection Not Working in My Google Webmaster?

    Thread Moved to White Hat SEO.
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    BHW Marketplace Support
  11. BHWMPS

    BlackHatWorld and UK Data Protection Act 2018

    We only legally need to delete posts with personal information and this is done as and when requested. If you have a specific situation, you can contact us via support and we'll look into it. Usually, if you request your own posts, we'll delete them but if not, we'd explain why. If you'd like...
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    make money with

    You won't be able to share affiliate links here.
  13. BHWMPS

    Blackhatworld doesn't let me in if I use an useragent switcher

    It's the way the security is setup - there's no need to use that on Blackhatworld. We reccomend no spoofers, VPN's or proxies for a smooth experience. Answered and closed.
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    Hello, everyone. I'm crayon

    English only here please going forward or you'll end up being banned - cheers.
  15. BHWMPS

    Is legal to sell BHW account?

  16. BHWMPS

    Would a Swear Word in a Domain Name affect a Websites Performance?

    I guess profanity won't show up with Safe Search enabled (which it is by default), which means less views/clicks etc. So in theory I'd say so... I don't think it's impossible to get to number one or whatever, if anything it 'could' be easier, but only for those with Safe Search off.
  17. BHWMPS

    Duck Find Some Bug in BHW

    Fine for me too on android. Tried chrome and Firefox. We tried Safari on iPhone and it was fine too. Could you please send an email to [email protected] with more details of your app version and device?
  18. BHWMPS

    [Discussion] If I give you 100$ what you will do with this money?

    Donate it or something. Pay it forward and all that.
  19. BHWMPS

    Your First Side Hustle

    Think selling Pokèmon cards at school for me, although I guess they had the last laugh...
  20. BHWMPS

    Why can’t I start a conversation?

    15 to be exact ;)