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  1. R subdomains links

    As probably many of you noticed, there are tens of thousands of blogspot subdomains appearing lately in Ahrefs, to the point where it's extremely difficult for anyone to catch the real backlinks. I disavowed them on my Ahrefs free account, but not in GSC. In fact, they are all linking to images...
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    can't trigger my ads to show

    I've been accepted, eligible etc but I can't trigger my ads to show in search. I had 2 exact keywords (and to be honest I am interested in just these 2 kws) but added a third one (broad) at the suggestion of MS help. Also increased the bid to $6 just to be sure I can see my ad. So far, nothing...
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    Any tools similar to ScreamingFrog?

    Do you guys know/use any tools similar to ScreamingFrog?
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    best CPA networks for sports streaming traffic?

    I'm kind of new to CPA and I searched the forum, but I need updated information on this (like, 2021). Where to signup in order to get decent revenue and to be sure I will get my money? Please don't tell me: mediahub... When I google mediahub I get 5-6 different results for 5-6 different...
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    Google reports record earnings Q4 2020

    So we're heading towards an economic crisis because of Covid? I guess not. Well, that doesn't mean (some) stocks are not hyper-inflated, but that's another kind of monster. So far, Google stock is covered by financial data. Seems like the Covid crisis only hit certain areas and chains, but...
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    Adsense mobile placement

    I did not work with Adsense in a long while, I am wondering if this type of placement would be against their policies. It's a sticky ad which stay as the mobile user scrolls down the page. I remember I've seen it on many apps and also on sites. Haven't found something clear on other forums...
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    expired domain - what to do with it?

    Here are the stats of this domain as of today: Niche: health services. Quite expensive, I assume. Traffic from USA. First question would be: is this a good expired domain? I got in in September and rebuild it with its original content (partially) from WayBack Machine. It went through the...
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    redirect question

    I am moving to a new (better) domain. I am not sure what would be the best practice, given the size of the actual site. I have 90k pages. I've selected only 14 pages to be exact redirects. This number can grow up to 50-60. What to do with the rest? 1. redirect all the rest to root, and...
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    Can anyone explain this?

    I get these stats in GSC, my best guess it's a rich snippet which shows for short periods of time, directly answering questions, which should explain no clicks. Searches are related to live events on tv channels.
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    Disavow backlinks

    Ok, here's the thing. Earlier this month or maybe in late September, I started seeing a lot of .in domains pointing to my website. Haven't paid too much attention to them, as I know these links are popping out all the time. Right now, there are 47 .in sites linking to me, which is around 30% of...
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    how can you find out if a site has PBN links

    I am a bit confused about a domain from my competition, which started this particular website around the same time as me (that would be the beginning of 2020) and has the following metrics: Site speed is terrible, the design is copied (not even with a twist) from the leader of the niche...
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    What's your new BING strategy?

    In the light of the latest cleanup done by Bing, what's your new SEO strategy for ranking on this underrated search engine? Please do not comment with "Bing is trash" etc. You're right, Bing is trash, I don't care. Mine would be expired domains, but not highly valuable expired domains (not...
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    best way to cloak affiliate links

    Besides redirects, noindex and nofollow and whatever directives you'll give to any search engine (directives which they will not follow), is there an effective way to cloak affiliates links? Let's say 99% of affiliate links are bad in structure, because there's always an "aff id" somewhere in...
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    cloaking website

    Hello Since I couldn't find a good post about cloaking a website properly, so search engines will not ban it for a while (not saying forever), I want to ask you what is your best cloaking method? Feel free to PM me or post here. Thanks!
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    display:none; in link

    Today I discovered that a site which is using my live widget has modified the link back with display:none; It basically hides the backlink for the user. Since I have no direct experience with this css applied on links, I wonder if the backlink is still legit in the eyes of Big G. It's the first...
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    which tools you use to monitor your SERPS?

    I usually monitor my important positions in Google and Bing by hand, using a VPN. Since the number of sites increased, it's becoming harder and harder to keep track of everything. As I need both Google and Bing, Ahrefs is not of much help, especially for a day to day basis. And, of course, I...
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    organic traffic bot

    Hi all! I need an organic traffic bot which can search google/bing for a specific keyword and click on my site. Tried a few, they don't work, some of them are purely scams (Gammatraffic, for example). So far, the only solution that worked was, but it's way too expensive for what...
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    GSA vs Xrumer - still not conviced what to buy next

    Long story short, I have GSA but it submits to 30% of the sites in my list, no matter how many times I re-run the campaigns. Because I need quantity for this project I am running, I am obviously thinking about buying another license. The question is: GSA or Xrumer? I am very familiar with GSA...