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    My First Journey - Adult Website

    These stats are the one from google search results, How many times your website is shown on the google results page, what position, CTR rate and so on, really helpfull information to know for example what kind of page/video is doing great.
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    My IM LogBook to success

    Wow great journey! I'm also doing some CPA at the moment en making just around $7/day but it is growing. If I'm correct you said that you make $35-$40 per conversion, is this correct? Because for me it seems a bit to much for OGads offers
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    (CPA) Facebook Ads Journey - ZTG

    I am also learning facebook ads ad the moment, glad to see someone with great succes! following the journey, I'm also dutch so nice to see you are making big profit;)
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    IG+Dropshipping Road to 100$ daily

    By using google analytics you can see everything the customer does, so also track how many people add something to their card, how many people visited the checkout page and so on. So I suggest you to enable it on your site and also turn on the E-commerce functionality to get even more info about...
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    [Journey] IG selling products with courier (NOOB)

    If you want to buy bulk you should use alibaba and not aliexpress. Alibaba is for wholesale and these products are directly from the factory.
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    Youtube + CPA journey

    I read that you use the free + shipping method. Do your customers see the shipping price when they add the product to the card or when the fill in their address at checkout? This will maybe explain why the "reached checkout" number is so high. I'm also running a free+shipping dropship website...
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    Many Ecommerce Stores, SEO & Adwords journey

    Amazing journey! It is really inspiring for a lot of people and really detailed, thanks. I started a dropship website last week and everything is up and running. I will work on artikel and linkbuilding right now
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    Youtube + CPA journey

    Great journey! I will follow this, and wish you all the best. I'm doing some youtube in combination with cpa to get some money rolling in and also have a dropshi website so I hope I will learn something from your journey or of course the other way around, that I can give you tips, good luck
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    My journey to $50+ a day with Ecommerce (dropshipping)

    Thanks, today I received another order from someone who bought 2 items so at the moment I made my advertisement investment back and still have €9 left so hopefully I will receive some more orders and soon also orders from search engine traffic.
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    My journey to $50+ a day with Ecommerce (dropshipping)

    UPDATE DAY 2 I didn't had any sales today and only had about 25 views on my site. almost all the people (like 90%) added a product to the card but non of them checked out. I lost only $1.76 on ads so thats no problem. And my website is still not ranked on google because it has just launched so...
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    My journey to $50+ a day with Ecommerce (dropshipping)

    Thanks mate Nice to hear! Thanks for the tip! I will do it within a couple days I think but when I started I wanted to keep it low to see how it all works out.
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    My journey to $50+ a day with Ecommerce (dropshipping)

    I'm using stripe to accept payments
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    My journey to $50+ a day with Ecommerce (dropshipping)

    Hello everyone, this is my first journey and hope I will succeed after many different things I tried but failed. First of all I would like to tell you that English is not my main language so there is a big chance you will see some bad grammar;) This is the first time I start an Ecommerce store...
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    [BHW] Instagram Skype Group

    Add me please: flo.vlist
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    Manual Journey to 50k followers & 20$/day starting from 0

    Cool journey! But how did you already made $4.5? I also started a new instagram account 2 days ago, I'm now at 320 followers and 50 likes average. I didn't bought any followers so I think it's a good start!