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    Twitter DM and FOLLOW bot

    Wondering which is the "best" twitter bot in 2021 for follow and send DM's.....any recoommendation? Web based would be amazing but is not a must.
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    Pinterest Pin Images from Website?

    Is there any tool that can Pin all images from a website/domain to my pinterest account? One by one and maybe with delay. Chrome Extension? Firefox extension?
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    Followliker - my opinion after 5 years

    I bought my first followliker version for instagram. It was running like a charm. I used it on one account only. My Ingstagram profile was already a few years old with good activity. I made it to 45K Followers and ~800 Followings. I had to stop using instagram because of some personal things...
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    Followliker - Like Comments ?

    Does anyone know how to set the twitter Followerliker to like (click on that heart symbol) each comment under a Tweet?
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    FollowLiker - Contact support not possible anymore?

    I know there was an option to submit them a ticket for support, but now i don't find this feature on their site anymore? Anyone know how to contact the followliker support via ticket/email? EDIT: Nevermind got it
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    Twitter Bot ( Follow Unfollow)

    I was using tweetadder when it was working but it does not work anymore. Is there any bot for twitter that can do follow and unfollow users by hashtag or of profiles?
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    Instagram child accounts?

    What are child accounts? My imaginary of a child account is that i make an account where i put the mother account (@blablabla) in bio and grow the child account with follow/unfollow method. Is this correct?
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    Instagram Block API actions?

    Hi does Instagram block daily actions from any bot'S (API) ? Like after 100 actions (follow, like comment)? Is that true??
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    Instagram Bot / PHP Bots

    Hi, are there any instagram bots that currently working ? Php or downloadable don't matter.
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    Social Bookmarking Dead?

    Is Social Bookmarking Dead for build backlinks to a page (not domain)? For SEO I Found a T-Shirt product to a print on demand site and i checked backlinks for this one page with "ahrefs dot com" and the page got a good amount of backlinks to different bookmarking sites. I don't talk about sites...
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    Amazon & Adult traffic (Redirected Domain)

    Is it possible to get caught bring traffic to amazon through a Website (Domain redirected to amazon affiliate link) which is promoted on adult sites?
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    Upload muss on sites like spreadshirt?

    Hello guys....I read a lot that people are talking about that They allready uploded 500 or even 1000 Designs to sites like spreadshirt. How do They do this??
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    Selling Followers, Likes etc. on ebay?

    Hello i tried to sell Followers for instagram on eBay and my article got closed. But i see a lot of other guys doing this. Same country, almost same description.... What am i doing wrong??
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    Upload Video To Youtube (Hack, Generator...)

    Hi, how do you guys upload videos for fake Game Hacks/Generator? (Gems, Coins, ....) YouTube keep canceling the upload or delete the Video within a few minutes after i finish the upload. No Chance to do this anymore?
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    Create Facebook Account

    Hi so, is there a way in 2018 to create a fake facebook account with fake profile pictures without getting banned ? :D Any aged PVA Accounts i bought were banned within few hours using them. Facebook always asking for ID. No spammy activity done.
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    SMM Panel with Paypal and Autobuy

    Hope it's okay to post it here. I am looking for a smm panel where i can add funds using Paypal. (No cryptopaying) All i need is fb custom comments/shares/likes. Any suggestion please.
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    Best SMM Panel ( Youtube / Instagram )?

    I hope it's okay to post this in this section - if not please delete this thread, but do not ban :) I would like to ask which SMM Panel would you guys recommend since there a lot of these with different prices and maybe different service (almost all of them have the same service list anyway...
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    Invite All Post Reactions to like my Page

    Hi there is there a good working macro or bot to invite all the reactions by people who liked a post/video on my page. It takes a lot of time invite 500+ people :( So i would like ot automate this somehow. Thanks guys
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    Post to Groups

    Hello I was wondering this for a long time and been on google a few times without any resulta with what i'm looking for..... Is there a way to share a post of a fan page o groups automatically? Or even schedule? With a delay setting? Because we all know if you post one post to 20 groups...
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    Instagram Account - 60K Followers - worth?

    Hi i would like to know what is the worth of an account with 60K Followers. Account is today 2+ years old. It was a Babes/Models Account. Account was used with Followliker - follow/unfollow method. Upload's were manual from mobile only. I deleted the whole content like 4 Months ago and the...