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    instagram followers problem

    hello friends, I'm following 2 people and for some reason it says that I'm following 82. when I click on "MY FOLLOWINGS" it shows me only the 2 people who I really follow, but it still says 82. does anyone know why and how can I fix it? thanks
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    instagram followers

    xgram bot is sold out. botstagram commenting feature is disabled. whats the best way now (/bot) to obtain followers in instagram?
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    instaflow bot :)

    I downloaded instaflow but on every version I download- when I click on "get token" it transfers me to a weird web page that doesnt contain any code. does someone here know how to fix this or to get instaflow working?
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    imacro instagram help :)

    when im trying to follow someone on followgram, i use this script and it works: TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:Follow&&CLASS:btn<SP>btn-success<SP>btn-action-follow but when im trying to unfollow someone, i use this script and it doesnt work: TAG POS=1 TYPE=A...
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    any good instagram following bots/scripts?

    are there any good instagram following bots? maybe imacro scripts? I know that there's the 200 ppl/h limit, but most of the bots I know dont even do that and stop following after a few follows, even when the bot says it does follow (but it really does'nt). if there's any good bot out there...
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    HELP with instagram imacro script!!!

    im really new in imacros and i tried to write a new script for followgram. the script supposes to follow everyone in the followers page of a certain person. the script kinda works, but for some reason it skips some people (about a half of them). im also having trouble with clicking 'next' and...