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    Journey to 1 million dollars

    If only it was that easy. (1) buy SEO services (2) watch the money come in. Good luck with your venture though.
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    Need your help - Im beginning to lose my shit

    Please don't abuse the subject. I thought you were suicidal and needed help. Not appreciated.
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    What is virgin media doing?????

    Just get a VPN, a decent one is so cheap these days. I'm gonna get one soon myself although I run Linux so it may be a little more challenging. On Windows it will be a cinch.
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    Passive Income through Youtube

    Don't expect any longevity for your channels..
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    How much investment needed for $200/day profit

    Not ture. The OP has the advantage of being fresh to this and actually has a real business approach i.e. make a plan, make investments, manage processes. If you don't have knowledge or experience, you can buy it. I would say that you can easily become a vendor, but you're look at a lot of...
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    Is Clickbank + Youtube Successful

    It's not easy I would say. I had my best success from videos where I was on camera but I took them all down because I didn't want people at work to recognize me. They took years to mature though. I also made some slideshow type videos with me talking but I did not have as much success. I...
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    What is the worst pain you've ever experienced?

    Well funnily enough I have heard that if a woman does regular large insertions there that the baby just plops out painlessly. More women should do it, although I guess their men would not be satisfied from bedroom antics after that :D
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    Guy with his girlfirend started fight with me just for not giving him directions

    You did the right thing OP. I know the UK well but live elsewhere but I come across a lot of these assholes often at the weekend even where I am now. I am British myself so I am not racist to say that many British drunks are arrogant as hell (not all, but many). I have come close to fights...
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    What is the worst pain you've ever experienced?

    I've had multiple tooth absecces and root canals. After you've had a few you get used to it. I can handle it no problem. Worst was i inflamed my tailbone by perching my butt on the end of my seat and jarring it on bicycle. I ended up having shooting nerve pain every couple of steps. My...
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    Accessing the THREE HUNDRED MILLION USER Chinese online market.

    It's very hard to crack that market. What do we have over the Chinese? With their language advantage, a local is streets ahead. I think the best way is in product. Some guy in UK recently made a posh cup noodle and is now trying to crack China. Chinese love British goods, ideally the older the...
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    Investing 10k $$$

    10k is really not all that much. In terms of low risk and low rate of return, it doesn't bring back enough in absolute terms. I'd be more inclined to build something with it. But again, it's not all that much. You can't diversify much. So buying a site on flippa is out at that level. And...
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    Marketing Time: Selling a 6 Figure "Sexiest Offline Career" [Advice]

    Hi Innovative, apart from networking, what exactly are you looking for? Investors? If so, invest in what and why do you need the capital? Are you looking to do joint ventures? Are you looking to do consulting? It's not clear to me. thanks
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    Advice for me? Don't want a business, just long term personal investment

    Thanks I will take a look. But prefer to keep this thread on-topic, allowing everyone to post suggestions of general areas of investment. So we have a few so far, I'll add a third: 1) domain name acquisition 2) build white hat authority site w/ no ads 3) build an email list but giving links...
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    Advice for me? Don't want a business, just long term personal investment

    Hey guys, I used to do IM but no more. I prefer the day job and also the regulations to run a business where I live are very high. It is not like the US or more business-liberal countries. So I'm not interested in regular business i.e. trading, piecemeal income and expenditure. I'm...
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    MEGA AUTHORITY SITES: 100 Articles - Make $300 - $3000m - Powered By Social Signals & SEO

    Thanks for the samples. I have a question and put it here for the benefit of everyone. Is there any scope for paying more to get native English quality articles? I would be very interested in this. Your articles are very, very good. But I'm looking for a level of quality that most are not...
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    ADSENSE MONEY MAKERS!! Join the team & Make Regular Income from Adsense!!Free SEO Guide!

    Send me a sample please. Also, what's your capability to do more articles per site? For example, 100 articles? Thanks
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    How I made +$2000 making Android Games in October

    Great game, simple concept. Too bad there's so many ads!
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    Getting back into "real world" employment - how?

    Keep drinking the kool aid folks! Big problem for us men especially is confusing self belief for what is really delusion. Believe me I've been there myself. By the way my illness had the opposite effect. It actually gave me the courage to take risks like IM.
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    Getting back into "real world" employment - how?

    Of course not. But my experience does not change the overall greater situation, that in 99% of cases I'M is not sustainable, not a career, not a business. People need to quit kidding themselves.