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  1. crnack

    It wasn't my mental illness...

    In the past months I was calling out some people I knew. Things hard to handle by yourself. It felt as if I was breaking my identity into little pieces for months. Maybe someone witnessed my writings and "extreme optimism" on my side. It was followed by my own rage which felt like going crazy...
  2. crnack

    Extraterrestrial beings are influencing my life

    I have a pan in my kitchen I use to cook food. When I cook the food, it has very weird smell. It feels outlandish. No pepper, no seasoning can kill it. Everything I put onto this pan loses its smell. Do you guys find extraterrestrial beings influencing your life?
  3. crnack

    Make subsequent posts merge to avoid double posts

    So my request is simple. This would be fairly easy to implement and highly practical. When you submit a post, check if the previous post was posted by the same user. If it was the same user, merge both posts. A feature that should be here in 2021.
  4. crnack

    Making 5m in my currency and moving to LA

    Today I had another great idea. I will make 5m in my country currency which is approx $1.3m USD and I will move to Los Angeles. I will visit Las Vegas and enjoy the lights. So what are your goals? Set them high and you will be free.
  5. crnack

    There will be covid cages for sick

    So in one of the cities in my country there are cages being built for people having supposed covid 19. They will finish building them in march 2022. As I said. This is going to be at least till 2025. And then something else will happen.
  6. crnack

    Music engineering - how the...

    How is this possible that music creators can trigger any type of emotion and in any intensity? If music inspires, how to engineer music that inspires people and makes them work? If music makes you cry, how to engineer music that makes people cry and makes them get rid of bad emotions? If...
  7. crnack

    I was looking for better internet connection and found...

    I was looking for better internet connection and found this. It costs only $6 per month. Decide what I'm doing.
  8. crnack

    You can't make it if...

    If you can't work 80 hours a week. If you think it will be easy. If you think you will be normal. Normal people are not working 80 hours a week. Normal people are working 40 hours a week, but very casually. If you are like me, you can be put anywhere and you will spend 80 hours a week working...
  9. crnack

    Reliable info on COVID

    Here please post only reliable sources on covid. Zero media and other spam sources please. Covid research is something rare, but definitely possible.
  10. crnack

    Why you stay here if you can't?

    Your 9-5 job agreement clearly says you cannot work for your competition. So why you break rules and work for BlackHatWorld? Are these jobs so bad you can't make a living with them? Hahaha. That makes me laugh.
  11. crnack

    I know this is not allowed here, but...

    This forum is cosmic energy! This forum is my cult. This forum is my religion.
  12. crnack

    Paid Play Store promotion

    If someone took it upon themselves to upload an app to the Google Play Store and tried to promote it with purchased (paid, marketplace) installs, wouldn't they increase the chance of getting banned?
  13. crnack

    Online pimping is not black hat

    Beware guys. There are many threads where supposed online pimps occur. This is not black hat. This is pimping. This is not good for u. I suggest to blacklist the "onlyfans" keyword because there is no other way than pimping to promote on this.
  14. crnack

    I had a dream...

    I had a dream where there was a CPA account dashboard. My daily earnings were shown in 2 different places. In one place it was $2, in another $0.4. They were changing every second - going up and down. I didn't know what is true anymore. Then I woke up and I understand the reality is a round zero.
  15. crnack

    [Pool] What are you trying to achieve with the coffee or caffeine?

    This is a survey I take every day. Caffeine has greatly impaired my focus. It could lead me to ADHD diagnosis. Many times I have felt like a meth head because of this addiction. I would just drink some caffeine and forget about my work because I would be so impaired and multitasking so fast...
  16. crnack

    Eating for 1 dollar per day and I'm free

    So I stopped eating meat and my expenses are $1 per day now. Meaning that I am free and have to consume just a little bit. A winner strategy.
  17. crnack

    If covid vaccines are just a smoke screen...

    If covid vaccines are just a smoke screen, then what will be the crisis and the future in the upcoming years?
  18. crnack

    I was thinking about BHW and thought...

    I was thinking about BHW and thought it's better than Reddit cause your account isn't taken down every week.
  19. crnack

    I used an AI writer and...

    I used an AI writer and it said "if you use our product, your kitchen will not smell like shit". The word "shit" was there which made me laugh for 30 minutes.