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    How many views can 1 single IP give ?

    If I kept refreshing a video, how many views would youtube count ?
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    How to become recommended channel ??

    For example when you subscribe to a channel on the iPhone app it will automatically show you recommended channels. My question is how can I become one of the channels shown ? How does youtube decide to recommend your channel or not ? Is it because the channels share a percentage of the same...
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    Working non-drop likes ?

    Does anyone know a panel where I can get non-drop likes ? It seems like noone is offering non drop likes atm
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    Does losing subscribers affect anything ranking wise ?

    I’m asking this because I purchased a huge amount of subs a few months ago. They’ve been dropping since they’ve been added. They drop by like 7-20 daily. Will this affect the way Youtube ranks and suggests my videos ?
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    Who can get a track to trend on SoundCloud ?

    Who offers a service that can get tracks to trend on SoundCloud ? New & Hot, alternative rock or hiphop & rap. Let me know if you can or know someone that’s capable of doing it. Blackhat/whitehat doesn’t matter all tips/recommendations are welcome.
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    How do rappers blow up on SoundCloud ?

    There has to be a way to be getting more exposure other than sharing a SoundCloud link... How did guys like Nav, lil uzi vert and 6Lac do it ? How do you get quality music to take off and hit the charts ? Anyone that can let me know ? You can also pm me. If you got valuable information hm I’m...
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    How to get more suggested views ?

    Hi, I know to rank videos you'll need social engagement + HR views, but what will you need to get more suggested/recommended views ? I'm asking this because my niche is not really something you search for it's more something you'll see in the suggested sections and click on, for example a...
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    How to make a music review channel without getting copyright claims ?

    Hi, I've noticed a few music review channels with over 1 million subs. My question is how is it possible to upload a video reviewing a copyrighted song and keep the earnings ? I'm not planning on just playing the whole song and talk about it after. I'll play a part for about 20 seconds and...
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    Is there a service available that can make your video recommended to a specific video ?

    For example I have Video A and someone else in the same niche has Video B. Video B gets a lot of views and interaction, our content is similar. Is there a service available that can get my video A to be shown in the suggested videos of Video B ? If it's not available someone should work on it...
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    Do I need proxies when using multiple YouTube accounts ?

    Ok so basically I'm trying to make about 30 different YouTube channels that I will use to comment/Like on my own videos (to get the ball rolling). I contacted someone that's selling bulk YouTube accounts and told me I should only use them with a proxy or else they'll get banned/suspended. So my...
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    Does youtube niche affects adsense cpc ?

    Does the niche you have on a youtube video affect your adsense cpc ? the reason i'm asking this is because my cpc is never stable, it can be 16 cents some days and other days it can be as low as 4 cents it always changes during the day ? what can be the reason for this ?
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    Opinion on forex ?

    After reading some interesting articles/books about forex, I'm willing to try it out myself. It sounds a bit too easy and I don't believe there's any easy money to be made in this world, any tips or insights from forex traders on this forum ? I'm not asking for any hand outs ! I just want to...
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    Youtube + adsense journey

    My channel will be about soccer, I'll basically be making highlight clips each and everyday ! A channel similar to mines will be "rom7ooo". I decided to share my journey because I think that it will motivate me more ! As of right now I have 300 subs, 120,000 lifetime views from 7 videos, only 4...