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    Expiration Date of the domain

    I found several amazing domains that are potentially expired. The interesting thing that checking their expiration date via whois I see for example 2019 year but I can't buy it and I get message that domain is already taken. Anybody has any ideas? As I know you can't register domain after 2...
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    Daily tracking specific keywords positions in google search

    I am golang developer and for learning purposes I want to create small system to track the rankings of my website for some specific keywords. I want my program to get keywords rankings on a daily basis. What is the best solution? I tried just to scrap google search results. It works using...
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    Wikipedia Backlink Value

    Anybody has experience with Wikipedia backlinks and got increase in rankings?
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    What to do with expired domains?

    I have created a robot which crawls the web and looks for expired domains. After crawling ~ 5 million pages I found more than thousand expired domains. Many of them are useless DA1-DA5 expired domains. But there are up to 100 domains having DA7-DA20. My questions are: 1. What to do with these...
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    Traffic from Instagram

    I have 50 Instagram accounts in the same niche. The biggest one has 110k followers. The strange thing is that sometimes smaller accounts generate me more traffic to my webpage than the big ones. For example one of my 12k followers account generates me ~100 unique daily visitors. While 110k...
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    Possibility to donate thread author

    What do you think about the possibility to donate the author of the thread? There would be more motivation to create method/journey threads :) Personally I would donate several threads as they are really useful for me and helped me to earn money.
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    Reliable proxy for fresh google adsense account

    I plan to open a new Google Adsense account. My IP address I guess should be in their black list as I did some black hat techniques and my account was blocked. So I need reliable proxy IP with white history. Any suggestions?
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    When and how to add links in quora

    I have half year Quora account, I added some random questions. That ~10k views and ~100 followers. I dont have upvotes on my answer I want to add some links to my ecommerce store. Not for traffic but just for link portfolio diversification. What is the best way to do? Is it safe to do on my...
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    Firefox Plugin For Many Logins With Different PRoxies

    I am looking for firefox plugin to manage multiple accounts (reddit, youtube and etc) with different proxy for each. I want to switch between accounts without logging to every account. So there should be separate cookies (and session cookies) for each account
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    Buy expiring domain

    One of my competitors quit selling. I see that his domain expires in a month. How to be the first to buy this domain? I believe that there are many people(or bots) who will try to buy it.
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    What is JR VIP?

    Does ir provide any private forum? Are there any really good info, tips, journeys? Is it possible to get a trial?
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    Instagram Mentions in Comments. Master/slave method

    How it should work? I tried to write comment from slave account on a post of master account and mention one of slave's followers. But I can't do that. What is the right way to do that?
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    Increase Clicks for the Pin

    One of my pins got 1200 impressions. That is good. It got 8 saves. That is amm... not bad. Ant it got only 3 clicks. That is I would say very bad. My questions is how to increase that number of clicks?
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    Earnings from Paypal stopped

    I have a strange problem. I own Shopify store. Before June 18-19th I had about 4-5 sales a day for customers who paid via Paypal. 95% of my traic is from Instagram and mostly iPhone users. I haven't changed anything and after June 18-19th I have 0 sales from Paypal but almost the same traffic...
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    Recover Instagram or Gmail accounts

    I have 30 Instagram accounts on 30 gmail accounts. For logging into each account I used blazingseo proxies. I was on holiday and I was late to pay for 2 days. When I made a payment they changed all my proxies without possibility to get back my old proxy IPs. Now when I try to login into my...
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    FB pixel training without ads

    I have dropshiping project with about 30 sales a month. In total I have about 150 sales. From the beggining I installed fb pixel in my store. My question - was the pixel training all that time? Does fb already knows about my audience? Most of my sales were from instagram? What ads would...
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    Increase Conversion Rate by Shopify Theme

    I have dropshiping project with 0.5 conversion rate. I use free shopify theme and some paid shopify apps. I want to boost my conversion rate. I think about changing my theme to some paid one. Do you have anything to offer? Do you think it is possible to improve my conversion rate to 1? Any...
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    Tips to increase trust

    What would you suggest to increase the trust in dropshìpping shop? I have targeted traffic in my shop but I get only 1 sale per 200 visists. The TRUST I mean the things like social proof or similar things? What are they? What are the most powerful ones?
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    Newbie Question - Where do you buy cryptocurrency?

    What are the best platforms to buy/sell cryptocurrency? I have registered in poloniex but as I see I can only exchange one cryptocurrency to another. Are there any platforms I could buy/sell cryptocurrency for $$$?
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    Dropshipping shop price evaluation

    How to evaluate dropshipping shop price? Lets say I make $1000 profit a month. What is the real price of such project?