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  1. crnack

    What is your education in? Like professionally for what did you study?

    100k annually? Do you mean doctors and high skilled software engineers with 5 years of experience? Imagine you have a degree in history or some language. Most people pursue whatever is comfortable and it's not easily attainable. That 100k annually is also only attainable in places where costs...
  2. crnack

    What is your education in? Like professionally for what did you study?

    All the people I know went to the university broke. They came out even more broke. Now they are still broke. So... The student debt. The worst type of debt. I know a scientist IRL. He claims scientists are as delusional as religious people. There's nothing special in it. It's just pursuit...
  3. crnack

    What is your education in? Like professionally for what did you study?

    No degree here. I can't see value in it unless I want to be a specialist which is basically boiling down to being a cog in someone's machine which I won't stand for too long. Academia is meant for collective efforts and studies. I am purely egotistical and only use academic research when...
  4. crnack

    It wasn't my mental illness...

    In the past months I was calling out some people I knew. Things hard to handle by yourself. It felt as if I was breaking my identity into little pieces for months. Maybe someone witnessed my writings and "extreme optimism" on my side. It was followed by my own rage which felt like going crazy...
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    I think entering these two coins are good for short term

    Well. No offence but this is some stinky shit.
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    Lol dude. If you are here for unique art, maybe just go to /r/art. This is not how you do business!!! No offence... 20 unique sources of income. AI content is just one of them... If you are taking AI generated content ventures seriously, that's a mistake!
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    Exit all crypto market, the biggest dump of all time is coming

    I thought it's boring. Guess I've been wrong.
  9. crnack

    FTC warns companies it's cracking down on fake online reviews

    They will ask google.
  10. crnack

    I just cant move on...

    Wordpress turned into pure junk, but who am I to judge. It's so complex for something so simple. Optimization of this crap is literally the toughest task if you stuff bunch of those stupid plugins for noobs. All purchased themes with no exceptions break. The design internally is often so bad I...
  11. crnack

    I just cant move on...

    No. Static site generators like Jekyll. It can be hosted for free on github pages. Unlimited hosting. Ez development. It doesn't force you to use some stupid admin panel where some hacker can break through.
  12. crnack

    I feel guilty for spending money on myself

    You've been brainwashed and I think that's it. There is no point in keeping your money unless you are sure the savings are going to be spent in the next 3 years to get more revenue. Usually nobody has patience to wait 5 years for the next opportunity to appear on the horizon. And brother...
  13. crnack

    Is Verification over rated?

    No, just how to build trust.
  14. crnack

    Is Verification over rated?

    Just post stuff with your face and especially videos where you talk. Then brag about some stuff and voila...
  15. crnack

    Facing difficulty with followers growth on IG

    This platform is rigged IMO and it's not like Tik Tok where random people will suddenly visit your profile. You have only two ways: 1. Drive traffic to their platform with clear call to action to follow, so they will get something back (ie. promise content). 2. Follow people and then unfollow...
  16. crnack

    How can i make money online?

    Start writing. I think it's impossible to fail if you do it consistently. The success many times is about mastering the process and matching it with proper occurences... Quote me on some media as a writer to make your first buck. If you find something to sell as an affiliate, go with it. All...
  17. crnack

    I just cant move on...

    Focus on the right things bro. This is something that has 0% influence and impact on your outcomes... Human ego, mind etc. like distractions. Stay aware about these.
  18. crnack

    I just cant move on...

    Try Jekyll and use markdown, so you have no way to play with features. Maybe WordPress is not what you're looking for...
  19. crnack

    Our domain gets autocorrected by Google

    Wait 2 years.
  20. crnack

    How to make 5 Dollars daily on the internet? Without freelancing , surveys , affiliate , dropshipping . what can i do to earn 5 Usd daily?

    Hahaha. $5 is what a mid-tier copywriter or mid level developer earns in 10 minutes just trying. That's not hard. This is what you get selling one affiliate link per day. That's lame cash. And a lame goal. Setting goals like that is shooting yourself in the foot.