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  1. Tozzy

    Any ideas to advertise crypto exchange websites?

    I have a partner who runs a crypto <-> e-currency exchange business. He is present on some related forums (mainly local but international as well) which is his main and practically the only source of traffic atm and honestly I am also out of ideas where could one market that kind of service to...
  2. Tozzy

    Where to report fraud giveaway???

    Hi my friend participated in a giveaway ran by a minor clothing brand using their instagram profile (that kind of contest where you should subscribe, post a photo tagging the page, tag your friends, comment-like etc etc). But the process didn't went well, namely the company clearly manipulated...
  3. Tozzy

    Convert MP3 to video

    I would like to find a fast way to turn MP3 into MP4 without quality loss. It can convert a fixed image, but better if it can create something visual, like in Windows Media Player.
  4. Tozzy

    PayPal unresolved dispute about digital product (no eBay)

    Hi. I sold some one a digital product (social media account), but they were unhappy with its quality and opened a dispute. We had a convo (within PayPal message center) I offered several options and finally the buyer accepted my replacement. Now PP says he accepted it but I must wait until the...
  5. Tozzy

    Need some one from Philippines

    The subject states it all. I need to ask you about something and possibly have an offer for you if we can set up things the right way. You have to be really from Philippines, it could not be replaced by using VPN/proxy with Philippines IP. PM (a.k.a DM) me. Ty. Talking with some one already as...
  6. Tozzy

    List of real user agent strings

    Hey guys, does any one have a good list of real user agents? Maybe some one can export it from their statistics and share here or just knows where to download one. Ty.
  7. Tozzy

    Skrill, withdraw to card and chargeback

    Hi. Let's say I have a skrill account with my own card attached. Skrill account isn't in my name but the card has my name (I am not in the US/CA so no AVS/name verification). Now I want to receive an amount of 200-300 USD from some one I know only in internet for the service I offer. Now comes...
  8. Tozzy

    Need $2 btc will give 4$ of paypal after short delay

    Already found some one, please delete.
  9. Tozzy

    Have reddit account w/183k post karmax1.3k comment karma looking to monetize

    Hi. I have my five-year old reddit account of above karma. It wasn't bot-aged, only real activity. I know some websites sell them for a fortune but I don't have any promotion skills nor do I think it would be practical to sell it here since it would cost $130 to set-up BST and this would be only...
  10. Tozzy

    Looking to reward some one who knows where to sell high karma reddit accounts

    Hi, I need to sell several of my high karma aged reddit accounts. Some of them have own subs. All accounts are spam-free. Karma is also high and accts are older then 6 months. Note to the staff: I don't sell here on BHW. Please don't PM me to buy as it is against rules. So I am looking for...
  11. Tozzy

    How come automated reggers can work?

    Hi, I have a question in my mind for a long time. Some people auto-register accounts on services like gmail, hotmail etc, of course they use proxies but they are easy to get but those services always ask for mobile phone verification so I wonder how those tools overcome this thing? I know of...
  12. Tozzy

    Please enlighten me about sneakers niche?

    Well, I am more curious than in fact willing to start any sneakers business, but every now and then I see people looking for a bot to autobuy on Adidas and alike websites and it turns like they're after limited editions such as Yeezy Boost. I never wasn't into fashion but probably there are...
  13. Tozzy

    cheapest shared backconnect proxy solution?

    Hi. What I need is the cheapest possible bacckconnect proxy solution. I need a provider who gives several ports to connect and the end-IP on each port is different. I don't care much about the country, don't mind data-center IPs, closed mailing ports and even if proxies are blocked by major...
  14. Tozzy

    SMS activation services w/API

    Hey guys, am looking for SMS activation/PVA services with API, or better services that let you rant a number and receive SMS from any website. I'd prefer it to have real numbers or at least those which will pass most websites. P.S. I already know about smspva (no ads)
  15. Tozzy

    Android remote virtual machine

    Hey guys, does any one know of a service that offers remote access to an android device (virtual or real) either from a web browser or through some desktop software (windows-compatable). In other words I need to have hands on android device without any hassle of installing/running any...
  16. Tozzy

    Bitcoin debit card promotion

    Hi all. I need some one to promote my service which in short is a VISA debit card reloadable by BTC as well as some other e-currencies like LiteCoin, PerfectMoney, WebMoney and possibly more in near future. The card is fully anonymous (no need to submit any document or personal info from the...
  17. Tozzy

    Backconnect proxies rotating IP every request

    Hi, does any one know if there exists any service that offers proxies which will randomly select end-IP from the pool for each request? Most services rotate proxies every 10 or 5 mins but I wonder if there are ones that offer new IP every time I do a request.
  18. Tozzy

    Your ideas, my software

    Hi. I am looking for some one who has a money making method and wants to automate it (e.g. bot). I have experience in Java and Go. Am familiar with scraping/posting and stuff. Please note: I do no webdesign/graphic design, no HTML/CSS/JS and PHP. I don't have priv8exploits, don't know how to...
  19. Tozzy

    Do all PVA services ask in advance what website you're using them for?

    Hi I've ran through some PVA websites here and all of them are social-media oriented, like they have a list with Facebook, gMail, IG etc and you're to choose which website you need to receive SMS from. I regularly need to SMS verify accounts on several websites and they of course are not listed...
  20. Tozzy

    paid forums - what niches?

    I was just curious (no, I don't wanna start my own one) what niches paid forums work for? The only ones that I can see are money making-related forums (e.g. SEO/sports betting etc) but I couldn't come up with anything else.