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  1. Loxo

    How would you advertise funeral related services?

    I have a potential client that wants his funeral related services advertised on Facebook and I don't know how to approach that task. Obvious route is some bizarre and morbid campaign that can easily go viral, but it would probably not look very professional (and maybe it could repulse certain...
  2. Loxo

    [Journey] $50,000/M Via YouTube Faceless Channels Empire

    Channels about investing and finances have insane CPM, I would say on average ~$15, sometimes over $30! So if I was you, I would consider adding one account from that niche.
  3. Loxo

    Facebook to be forced to sell off Instagram and WhatsApp?

    It isn't against capitalism, it's against raw capitalism. They are not being punished for being successful, they are being punished for creating monopoly. Btw this lawsuit is a bs, they allowed them to buy Instagram. They should do something about Facebook, Twitter and Google censoring free...
  4. Loxo

    I want to move out of india, suggest a cheap country..!

    You have people like that in literally every country. Get used to it. California isn't all of the USA... IMO your best bet is Belgrade, Serbia. You can survive with a 400-500$ per month. Good food, good girls, Belgrade is not that big so you can walk almost anywhere or use a public transport.
  5. Loxo

    Riots happening now in Minneapolis

    I'm fascinated by amount of hypocrisy from "celebrities".... It's funny and sad at the same time.
  6. Loxo

    Riots happening now in Minneapolis

    You are trolling, right? They are obviously trying to take smashed windshield off the car so they can drive it again. EDIT Literally second reply is video of hooligans breaking that same windshield.
  7. Loxo

    Riots happening now in Minneapolis

    The problem in this case and US generally is not a racism, problem is that officers are bad at their job, they have a lot of power and very low accountability for their actions. Here are some of the cases (you can find videos from some of these and other similar cases, they are very...
  8. Loxo

    Show this when your Mom says "don't play a game whole day."

    He is from Pakistan, EUR is currency preference set by OP.
  9. Loxo

    Which car could you buy for $15-20k?

    I have Ibiza FR, it's stock-ish (only remap, catback and coilovers). It can't really be compared to Leon Cupra, but it's such a fun car, not very fast ( 0-100 is a little bit under 7s). It's very decent for a FWD hatchback. It's smaller and easy to maneuver around the city, fuel consumption is...
  10. Loxo

    Which car could you buy for $15-20k?

    Very reliable V8 :anyway:
  11. Loxo

    Which car could you buy for $15-20k?

    Do you want normal car for everyday, sporty daily car or you want some project car?
  12. Loxo

    (Need) Logo Design Love Ebook 2nd Edition

    Here you go, if Download 1 doesn't work, use Download 2. Download 1: Download 2: VirusTotal:
  13. Loxo

    What are you passionate about?

    also food and listening trap music :D
  14. Loxo

    What are you passionate about?

    Making money, cars, family and friends, nargila / shisha / hookah ( however u want to call it), girls, Formula 1, daydreaming.
  15. Loxo

    What's the most you've been scammed on the web?

    Got scammed when I was selling IG accounts, twice, both times for around 100$. I managed to get one account back after a few weeks, but it was destroyed and worth nothing.
  16. Loxo

    Facebook Automation Bot

    +1 for Jarvee! :)
  17. Loxo

    Old Facebook Account for everyone / FREE

    I'm interested
  18. Loxo

    Cleaning Teeth

    Wash them immediately after a tea, or even before tea.
  19. Loxo

    Is it a good Idea? CPA!

    Depends on how are you planning to do that. You will have to burn a lot of accounts.
  20. Loxo

    How to start a VPN service ?

    That's a pretty expensive venture. You need a lot of money for the servers and employees, a good legal team, hefty marketing budget, a good marketing team and of course skill to manage all that.