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  1. moneyflower

    Journey to $1000 Per Month In 6 Months With Affiliate Marketing/Ads

    Hi, I started a new affiliate/ads website in the health niche. My plan is to document my process in this thread. The Project Official started today, 6th of May, 2020. What I have done so Far Keyword/Niche Research Upon choosing my niche, I did a keyword research using Ahrefs. My KW research...
  2. moneyflower

    WTB - Aged Gmail LG Account - Level 7 and Above

    I need aged gmails with local guide status. Level 7 and above prefrably. Kindly pm me your price.
  3. moneyflower

    US GMB Listing Verification

    I need about 3 GMB verification in the US. PM with your price if you can deliver
  4. moneyflower

    PA 47 and Below Free Expired Tumblrs 47 46 46 46 45 44 44 43...
  5. moneyflower

    [Giveaway] Free Expired Tumblrs PA 47 and below

    Hello, My Tumblr hunter found more than enough expired Tumblr that I needed for a project and here are the remaining ones available for registration. In front of eachis their respective PA 47 47 47...
  6. moneyflower

    Ever Ranked a ccTLD For a keyword on

    Hello, So I have this country level expired domain I picked up recently. It has lots of backlinks and it is currently ranking #1 for a particular keyword in that country ( and #23 on Do you think it will be easy to break into #1 on with more solid backlinks?
  7. moneyflower

    Amazon Journey $1000/Month By March 2019

    Hello all, So I am looking to grow my portfolio and I have decided to add one more Amazon niche site to my arsenal with the goal of making 1K/Month by March 2019 which is 6 months from now. Keyword Research I discovered the niche and Keyword myself accidentally while surfing the net...
  8. moneyflower

    Anchor Text Dilution - 301 Redirect Expired Domain?

    Hello all, I just discovered that a particular site I'm working on has been over optimized for a certain anchor text. All other keywords are on #1-#4 on page one of Google. But this particular one bounces between page two and three without bulging despite all Off-page activities done to it...
  9. moneyflower

    Sub Domain and Domain Name Targeting Similar Keywords?

    Hello all There is this company that has a very large websites with several services, the pages targeting most of these services are on page one of Google already for several keywords. Do you think it will be harmful if a sub domain name is created targeting similar kywords with that of some...
  10. moneyflower

    Help: Post Not Made By Me Showing On My WP Dashboard

    Hello, Pls I need your Help. I just discovered that sOmebody or something is auto posting on my blog, I am the only user on the blog, I have changed my password severally, changed my theme , deleted unnecessary plugin, but still dont know how the post is being made. At times, the post might...
  11. moneyflower

    The Making of a $500/Month Adsense Niche Blog

    Hello All, Thanks for checking out My Journey. I'm from Nigeria and a little bit new into Blackhat. I have about 3 Adsense sites at the moment, this particular one will be the fourth one. The first one just got hit by the NOV/DEC 2016 google update and I lost over 98% of my traffic, while I'm...
  12. moneyflower

    What is Wrong In this 301 Code

    Hello Fellow Blackhaters, I want to do a 301 from a particular domain to a post of a diffrent domain, and so I used this code: RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^/file\.html$ - [L] RewriteRule (.*) [R=301,L] But the Problem is that it keeps redirecting to the...
  13. moneyflower

    Cheapest .com Domain Registrar

    Hello Moguls, Pls aside Godaddy and 1and1 whose domain name is between 1-2$ for the first year, do you know any other Registrar that offers the .com domains for the same price range?
  14. moneyflower

    Index Over 80k Contextual Link

    Hello, Pls what is the best way to index about 80k contextual link pointing to my web 2.0, I;ve used the BHW search buttin but cant seem to find any working method. PLS HELP Thanks in advance
  15. moneyflower

    Advice Needed On A Da 45 domain: PBN or 301 redirect

    Hello Seoers, I have this domain Name with a Da 45, clean backlinks of over 15k and still in Google's Index. if you were in my shoes, will you use this domain name for a 301 on a non related anchor Blog or as a Pbn. Thanks
  16. moneyflower

    Are Wordpress Tags Actually Useful for SEO? My Competition is Successfully Using Them

    Evil Company X has been ranking at #1 for most of the terms in my niche. If you look at their site, it's 25 posts with most under 500 words. While they have more backlinks, their quality is debatable, since most are obviously from cheap link blasts. I've found a PBN of 5 sites that link back to...
  17. moneyflower

    Is Adclick Media Media a Scam?

    Hello all, I dont know if you guys have heard of adclick media, its basically a PPC company but they also have an affiliate system, you get paid for each click made on the site of the person you refer. So I made a descent amount of money with them from refferals <$100 but its greater than...