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  1. funkybunker

    QUESTION = How to Create Endless Re-Directs To the Same Link

    Hi BHW, Allow me to start by saying that it's been ages, and it's great to see our community growing! So I'm looking to venture into a new Offline/Online affiliate system, and I plan to create a different link for each "location" that leads to the same website. I know it sounds strange, so...
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    #4 Powerful Steps to Successful Ads on a Budget

    The purpose of running Ads is to invest small > gain big. It's good business. After managing countless campaigns and fucking up often enough to disappoint even my dead relatives, here are some tips for gaining as much ROI as possible without maxing your credit card. Make Your Product Obvious...
  3. funkybunker

    I Will Pay Your Rent, Here's Why

    Imagine what you could do with one month of free rent. It's time for the holidays and I want to help you get ahead in life. Back in the beginning of spring this year, I challenged myself to launch a successful marketing firm on a shoe-string budget. As part of the plan, I wanted to put...
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    What would you do to keep your customer?

    If you cannot answer me, continue reading. While it's entirely up to you to decide what makes a shitty customer.. "Every customer of yours has a value." Your job is to learn this value. Why is this so important? Because you can easily determine how much you're willing to spend to acquire a...
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    Some great website names, grab 'em

    If you have the cash, they're available. Don't ask.
  6. funkybunker

    Christmas came early

    Company owned And a toy for my girl It's been a favorable year.
  7. funkybunker

    Effective CPA/ORM Tactic! Use It, Make Bank!

    This is a twist on a method of mine from the past, showing some really good numbers. Instead of advertising local businesses and PPC ads in local restaurants, I've approached local pizza parlors in my area (my county has over 400) with the purpose of using their take-out boxes to collect...
  8. funkybunker

    Your Smartest Move to Protect & Build Your Profits

    The subject of what to do with your money, once you earn it, is hardly talked about here. I'll teach you a little trick that will pay enormous dividends over the life of your business. Hint: You won't reach CEO status with all of your money sitting in the bank. Everything You Buy with Your Own...
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    Another year almost gone... are you here to make a living? Are you honestly reading this forum to dick around or are you out there making bank? Why are you reading "$5 per day" threads when this forum has gold tickets scattered around? I'll show you with short, simple math how "realistic" it is...
  10. funkybunker

    $450mil - 40 transactions

    I admit this one is goofy, but fun.
  11. funkybunker

    Key to success > investing slow

    Within 3 years on this forum, I have stumbled upon too many discouraged members. Most people tend to dive in quick (which isn't a bad thing) and give up even quicker. Take my word for it: We are here to sell. Be it services or products - we are salesmen and sales is a numbers game. Your job...
  12. funkybunker

    How I Close Sales: Use Your Words

    Do You Want Fries With That? Yes I fucking do. You're about to learn how a beautiful phrase can and will increase your sales. Let's get down to it. A catering company hired me on to improve their sales. Simple enough, except their current email blasts were confusing the shit out of people...
  13. funkybunker

    How I used Social Media to buy my house.

    Last year I made a promise that 2016 is going to be my year. The year shit goes from dead-end jobs and endless debt to financial security and the freedom to treat my family to life's finer things. BHW provided the info to make that happen. Big time. Within 6 months (started in March) I went...
  14. funkybunker

    EBAY wants to send Confirm Code to stealth phone...

    As you can see, this is impossible. I'm unable to login due to this, claims I logged in with another device. Let me know if you have a way around this, as this account is a store & need it up & running. I appreciate it!
  15. funkybunker

    Marketing For A Commercial Plumbing Company

    Hey guys, An opportunity has come up for me to professionally work in marketing thanks to a very close friend. This company does commercial plumbing with residential making up less than 10% of profits, their clients are corporate so money's no problem. We're talking $1mil in annual revenue...
  16. funkybunker

    Who the F#CK spams this terrible in this age

    It's been awhile. I'm aware if I leave this place for more than a week the accumulation of 50,000 new accounts don't even know who the fuck I am. But it's still nice to be back. You operate a website. It has a blog. And only recently has it been targeted by a handful of 8 year olds spamming the...
  17. funkybunker

    Stop Reading Shit Now And...

    Fuck yeah for clickbait. Anyway ? don't read another article today. Do you know when the most productive months for me were? When I decided to stop READING and finally APPLY what I read. Reading will give you ideas but it won't TEACH you. Put your knowledge out there and see what happens. Good...
  18. funkybunker

    Warning About Facebook And MNS

    So Facebook took a shit on my business a few days ago by considering it Unsafe to share, and I'm under the assumption a physical letter to HQ is the only way out. I have 2 theories > Shares from spammy pages (ie addmefast) told facebook my site is spam Micro Niche Sites on the same server tells...
  19. funkybunker

    Facebook deleted 3 days worth of posts

    Woke up to see the last 3 days of posts have vanished from my Facebook. Refreshing, new browsers > nothing came back. Anyone else experience this? I only post 1-2 times a day, non spammy and my fans haven't dropped at all. Contacting FB just leads to automated fucking emails.
  20. funkybunker

    How To Earn Steady Cash No Matter Where You Live

    So guys, I've been diversifying my income for many years now, sometimes things go south but that's business. On the flipside - there are methods that simply work no matter where you live as long as you invest the time and capital. My house is far away from the city but the beauty of...