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  1. Netkas

    I have a 150$!

    If you are a software developer, you can attempt to create a new service and invest less than $10 in a domain and a server to promote your product.
  2. Netkas

    Having Succes with CPA

    Doesn't seem like a lot though.
  3. Netkas

    New to BHW looking for a way to send mass emails

    You can try using Sendgird :-)
  4. Netkas

    Some trick to verify accounts?

    Avoid using a VPN, they will increase your chances for your Google account to be suspended, invest in some pre-paid SIM Cards to online SMS verification services and you can register 4 Google accounts under one number.
  5. Netkas

    What is black friday and cyber monday.?

    It's a wonderful day where things get really cheap, and people become dicks.
  6. Netkas

    How to send an email to a LARGE list?

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but zoho mail is another alternative that could work.
  7. Netkas

    Scraping Emails From FB Groups?

    Create your own solution using selenium.
  8. Netkas

    How to send an email to a LARGE list?

    Services like SendGrid can accomplish this.
  9. Netkas

    Need help to import demo content

    Then you should be able to run a server locally without any issue, check out XAMPP You can easily install Wordpress on XAMPP by doing some Google Searches, if you are still stuck on how to do this, let me know and i can try to guide you though the process.
  10. Netkas

    Is It possibile that YouTube hide a channel because of bought views?

    I think it is possible, just like how Twitter tends to shadow-ban people's accounts, so that others cannot find their posts or account that easily.
  11. Netkas

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the forums mate, i'm sure you can find the resources you need or get any questions you may have answered. That is.. if people on this forum actually respond to the question correctly
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  13. Netkas

    Your favourite WP theme?

    None, create your website from scratch or use bootstrap
  14. Netkas

    Need help to import demo content

    Get a paid Web Hosting service, or get a cheap VPS (for like $5), and setup a simple Apache server, with PHP and install wordpress
  15. Netkas

    Microsoft Azure or Vultr Vps

    Microsoft Azure is great for Windows just like Google Cloud is great for Linux.
  16. Netkas

    Don't delete spam in your inbox. Let me tell you why

    Thank you for the great advice, ever since i started to follow your advice my life has changed around, i'm no longer poor and i'm now married to 500 Russian babes from the internet and i have more than a trillion dollars, it's like winning the lottery everyday. Thank you thank you thank you. :-)
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    And this is thread should be moved to another forum, i don't think it fits the topic regarding "Member Downloads" lol.
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    Earning money from programming isn't that hard, you can try to start out by freelancing with simple software, or create open source projects at github or gitlabs. allowing others to contribute and learn from how you can improve your code. Just a quick advice; Don't stick to one language.
  19. Netkas

    Hello to the BHW <3

    Welcome mate