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    Marketplace suggestions for cheap, starter domains with great links!

    Anybody can suggest a good marketplace to sell domains that have got do-follow links from several authoritative websites? These are not premium domains, just a good starter for affiliate/adsense blogs. For any given niche, these domains have links from niche influencing brands/blogs/platforms...
  2. Rank wizard Ltd

    How is your conversion rate after the pandemic?

    A few weeks ago I posted a thread asking about the amazon commission rate cut impacts. It sparked some insightful discussions back then. So, the gist of the thread was that although amazon initiated a commission rate cut, affiliate marketers were seeing an increase in conversion rate. Guessing...
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    How Hard Had The Amazon Commission Cut Hit You?

    April had been brutal enough to blow us, affiliate marketers, hard with the commission cut from Amazon. Now after 3 months, it's time to look back to the sales curve and take measures. We all expected a 40-60% drop in sales, commissions, and overall worth of our blogs. But is it as terrible as...
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    What programming language(s) to learn for building advanced web scrappers?

    I'd been an SEO guy for years now. And over time I've headed more towards building my niche blog network. It's going well so far, as long as ROI is concerned. As a part of my working methods, I've got to analyze tons of KW data, content pages and sort them out in some way that is presumably...
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    Is "Long Tail Keyword" Dead?

    Before Rankbrain(or Hummingbird), the idea of ranking around Long Tail Keywords were pretty much popular. But since Google had stopped taking keyword density into account, the concept literally died. So, theories like 'KGR Method' which were built around those formula's seem not to work...
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    Ranking overnight in 100% white-hat way(Case Study)

    After months of struggles with few of my conventional Amazon Affiliate websites(specially after Aug'18 algo update), I decided to start afresh. I had a brandable domain parked at Namecheap. I put it live and published a few contents written by myself. The niche was Indoor Gardening number of...
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    The days of money hustlers are over!

    Lately, Google had been hammering out sites with an abundance of money articles (reviews etc.) a lot. Specially in AMZ affiliation, it seems not to be a good practice to deal with money keywords only. I’ve seen at least 20-25 websites to do the same shit and get penalized, specially after the...
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    Affiliate Programs Head to Head: CJ Vs. AMZ

    I've been an AMZ affiliate for many years now. And looking forward to scaling up my revenues with some more aff. programs. And CJ(Commision Junction) is one of the few programs I'm loving already. So, what do you guys think on comparing these two programs head to head? Here is what I've...
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    Amazon Product Research

    I think, one of the common mistakes of a marketer is selecting the right product. But a kickass product can increase the conversion rate. So, which tool and method give the perfect result?
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    Does well-optimized 'Meta Description' still work?

    It had been long since Google denied counting 'meta description' as a ranking factor anymore. Most SEOs stopped putting keywords forcefully right after then. But do you guys find optimizing meta description with keywords helpful anymore? Or does it even help to boost the CTR of contents?
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    Massive drops of Amazon aff. site ranks after Aug'18

    Hi, Saleh here. For about last one year, Amazon affiliate sites had been facing massive ranking drops along with traffic and earnings. Starting with Medic Update in Aug'18, it kept continuing till date. Though some of them recovered in the September update. But the whole scenario is still...
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    It's Amazing to be in BHW!

    Hi, Saleh Here. A marketing enthusiast from Bangladesh! I was completing my Mechanical Engineering graduation course when I first met the amazing world of digital marketing. From the next couple of years, it was on my solo journey at UpWork, doing contents and SEOs. I made a good cut for...