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  1. knopper

    WordPress Category as Page

    Hello Guys, I'm building a website where I want the category to be a page that can be edited by gutenberg or elementor. Unable to find plugins that can do this job. Any Help? Thanks.
  2. knopper

    India's Twitter Clone "Koo" App

    Though it's 2 days old news, I got to know about this Twitter clone app "Koo" which is made for the Indian audience. Many celebs & politicians are already joining this app (you know who they're if you're from India). Is it going to be successful or it'll be just another app that will be...
  3. knopper

    How Many of You are in Your 30's

    Inspired by @Razen666 's How Many of You are in Your 30's How does it feel?
  4. knopper

    This is How we're Kicking Corona Out of India

    Go Corona Go
  5. knopper

    This Song is Spreading Faster than CORONA - Lightup Sketchers

    Who all listened to this song in Loop? It's all over TikTok.. Guy got more than 13M views in a day ;)
  6. knopper

    How much is this domain worth?

    Got a domain name with these stats from auctions. 20 Years old name with 40+ ref domains. I'll disclose the amount I paid after some comments. Here are the stats.
  7. knopper

    .COM domain for just 5.99$

    Hello BHW Family! Just now I saw that Dynadot is running an offer for the month of March. You can get a .COM domain for just 5.99$ Coupon Code: MARCH599COM Enjoy!
  8. knopper

    Did i Find a Gem?

    I was looking for random names and from one of the expired domain's backlinks, I found a .com with these stats. Let me know what do you think. I checked the backlink profile and archives it's not spammed or used before. DA 32 | PA 34 | CF 10 | TF 0
  9. knopper

    What's your Best Domain Sale

    Hey Guys, I hope many of you are into domaining and sold domains. What was your best domain sale? I sold a .in domain name for $3000. That's the best till now.
  10. knopper


    Daddy's Lil Monster Backlinks Web 2.0 Packages EL DIABLO 10 Web 2.0 Sites will be built with 10 Spun/Original Articles. 500 - 800 Links from GSA to Web 2.0 sites i.e. Tier 2 Links. 3000 - 5000 Tier 3 Links will be built and directed to Tier 2. BASIC PACKAGE (with spun content) - 25.00 USD 1...
  11. knopper

    How to get a Tweet removed ?

    Hey Twitter Experts! A client of mine have a requirement of getting a tweet (negative review) removed from a person’s twitter account. Neither that person nor twitter are responding to our client. Does mass report abuse works ? Thanks
  12. knopper

    Google is now Showing Domain Names/URL in Uppercase

    The title says it all.
  13. knopper

    Are you an Atheist or a Theist?

    Just wanted to know this form many of my fellow BHW members. :) I saw a witchcraft thread here on bhw and it seems there are so many who believes in supernatural powers!!! That's why I started this thread ;)
  14. knopper

    [Journey Amazon] $2000/Month by August 2020

    Hello BHW Family! This is my first journey thread on BHW. I spend most of my time reading stuff here but never took proper action, YES just like most of you. But, this time it wouldn't be the same as I'm more focussed towards my goal i.e. 2000 USD/Month. SEO is what I'll be depending on to...
  15. knopper

    Anxiety - Let's Talk About It

    Hello Friends, Anxiety - when I hear this word I get panic. Unknowingly I became a victim of Anxiety, Especially health anxiety I google every symptom and get worried with Google's search results. I know there are so many people like me in this world. I seriously want to know how can I get rid...
  16. knopper

    [Amazon Guidelines] Is Showing Price This Way Okay ?

    Hey Guys, I've a query regarding Amazon Aff site guidelines. Can i have use text similar to the one below in the product review or showing it in the pros & cons this is the best laptop under 500$ I know mentioning exact price of a product is against their policy, what about average pricing...
  17. knopper

    [ADVICE] .SEX domain extension / SEX word in the domain name

    Hello Fellow SEOs, So, A friend of mine willing to build a website which'll talk about SEX education. It'll have the sections about the positions, health & advices etc., ohh also also sex stories :P NO PORN! He got 2 domains, one has .sex extension another has sex in the domain name. Do you...
  18. knopper

    FREE 1000 INSTAGRAM LIKES [limited to 100]

    Hello BHW Family, I would like to throw some likes to your instagram posts. It's just a giveaway and I'm not a seller or reseller of Instagram likes/followers or anything. I'm spending money to buy you people these likes :) This is limited to 100 people, first come first serve. So, whoever...
  19. knopper

    Google Search New Feature

    I was doing random search on Google and found this new feature (i hope it is). I clicked on a website from the results what i got for the search term on and i immediately clicked back button within seconds. Google has shown relevant searches just below that particular search...
  20. knopper

    [ ❤ BEAST VIEWS ❤ ] [ ❤ YouTube Views HR Service To Rank Your Videos ❤ ]

    Why buy from Re-sellers when you can buy from a Direct Seller I Know the Pain of the Views with LOW Retention & Long TAT I'm here to provide you guys 100% GUARANTEED High Retention Views These views are DAMN FAST and they Help Your Videos RANK quickly in the YouTube CONTACT VIA PM/SKYPE...