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  1. surajboss

    Facebook Page got Hacked

    Hey, my facebook page got hacked by someone.. i mistakenly made someone admin,.i thought , new admin cant remove old admin before 7 days,... But she change my role to analyst, business owner .. please tell me how to get back my facebook page.. any direct support..or anyone who can help me...
  2. surajboss

    Need Facebook App with User_post and user_photos permission

    :/ Hi, I need a facebook app with user_post & user_photos permission. I dont have much money..or u can say i dont have money right now..i am noob bro..i really need Facebook app with above permission for my site..if anyone have Facebook app with permission. Please give me.. if you are...
  3. surajboss

    I Want IG Followers Generator V2

    Hello friends sorry for my bad English.. ..i am new cpa method and find IG Followers Generator V2 awesome...i want This Template but i dont have money .. Please If Anyone Have This Please share with Me..i want It...