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  1. zebrahat

    SICK New CLICKBANK Offer For 2019! EASY MONEY?

    Hey MONEY MAKER! Are you ready to kick off 2019 by making some serious cash? I’m not talking about a couple hundred bucks a day….I’m talking about the potential for thousands of dollars coming in directly to your account every single day passively. Get ready, because this could be BIGGER...
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    Hey guys, What's cooking? Today is a day that you should mark on your calendar... a day where you can finally start promoting one of my NEWEST Clickbank weight-loss offers of the year! A few months back I opened up the gates on this offer and the front end converted like a charm but I needed...
  3. zebrahat

    DOPE-A$S **New** CLICKBANK product to MAKE YOU cash!

    Whats up my Blackhat brothers, As you know I've been a member here for about 10 years now, and I have slowly been learning lots from this community. Recently, all that hard work came to fruition with the launch of my first big Clickbank offer! I partnered with a big Clickbank guy named Wesley...
  4. zebrahat

    Looking for High Quality Amazon Kindle Reviews!

    I am looking for someone to post some high quality amazon reviews on my ebook on the kindle store ($5) book. Will pay $20 per review (includes cost of book). Must be experienced with this.
  5. zebrahat

    Can someone explain WTF is happening with WHOIS?

    So, I've read a bit of conflicting information lately about what is happening with WHOIS information relating to domains. Is it true that you will no longer be able to look up who owns certain domains? We can't find their contact information any more? Or is it only certain registrars who...
  6. zebrahat

    [GIVEAWAY] 30 Free Expired Domains

    Just giving back, as I recently ran across a list of hundreds of expired domains, winnowed out the no-value ones and sorted them for metrics. Below are the ones I didn't need, but there are plenty with very good TF, PA etc. All were available as of yesterday, and at the metrics listed (legend...
  7. zebrahat

    Hillary Clinton, Black Hatter?

    This just in, from the Daily Mail: More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton's Twitter followers are fake or never tweet ? and she's already under fire for 'buying' fake Facebook fans -Two different online audit tools say no more than 44 per cent of Hillary's 3.6 million Twitter fans are real...
  8. zebrahat

    Report: Does Paypal = NSA?

    Interesting piece on Paypal's cooperating with the NSA and its front organizations. How they leaned on Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald, and how the latter may have cut a deal with Paypal to not disclose documents exposing Paypal's relationship with the surveillance state. Watch for the chilling...
  9. zebrahat

    Google Will Start Using Your Picture to Sell Products

    Thought this might be of interest: Google will start using your picture to sell products to friends Google users will soon find themselves unwittingly advertising products for the company, thanks to a massive change Google is making to its terms of service. First reported by the New York...
  10. zebrahat

    [Giveaway] July 4 EMDs

    I did this twice before Xmas and Easter, and this is likely the last time. To celebrate Independence Day, and to give back, I'm providing one free EMD keyword to the first 40 people who post in the thread requesting one. Indicate basic topic category (EXCEPT "weight loss" or "make money"). I'll...
  11. zebrahat

    High Paying Article Sites

    Saw this top ten list on another board, thought it might be helpful to many on this forum. Feel free to add others, on the high end of payment. A few of these may be currently closed to new writers: 1. - pays typically $15/500 words. 2. - pay varies. 3...
  12. zebrahat

    [GET] Video Marketer's Bible

    This course reveals all the tips, tricks, tactics and techniques of creating the highest converting, professional looking and sounding videos. You know, the ones that makes tons of money without having to spend tons of money. You?ll get step-by-step, fill in the blanks worksheets based on...
  13. zebrahat

    Yahoo Seeking to Monetize Tumblr

    For those who didn't get the word, Yahoo has made official its acquisition of Tumblr: "Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer held a press conference today to flesh out more details about its $1.1 billion acquisition of...
  14. zebrahat

    Judge Orders "the Re-Education of Lauryn Hill" for Resisting IRS

    Life imitates recording history: "This story is straight out of ?Orwellian?s New America? paradigm. Reclusive singer Lauryn Hill has been ordered by a judge to undergo counseling to deal with her ?conspiracy theories? following Hill being sentenced to three months in jail followed by three...
  15. zebrahat

    House to Vote on CISPA Next Week (Again)

    Eternal vigilance, folks, they're at it again: House to vote on CISPA next week... Madison Ruppert Activist Post Despite the fact that the secret markup of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) left most of the problems unsolved, the House is still slated to vote...
  16. zebrahat

    The Gate to Hell Has Been Found

    According to the news. Next question--which side of it are we on?: "Known as Pluto's Gate -- Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin -- the cave was celebrated as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology and tradition. Historic sources located the site in the ancient Phrygian...
  17. zebrahat

    [Giveaway] Easter Free EMD

    I did this Christmas time, so why not a sequel. To celebrate Resurrection Sunday, and to give back, I'm providing one free EMD keyword to the first 30 people who post in the thread requesting one. Indicate basic topic category (EXCEPT "weight loss" or "make money"). I'll take it from there...
  18. zebrahat

    Free VPN Resources From Around the World

    Torrentfreak article about a Japanese project to create a global network of public VPNs to provide censorship-free website access to people: " we bring news of an exciting project that allows almost anyone to access any site they like in seconds. Best of all, it takes just a few...
  19. zebrahat

    PLR Pack Writing JV

    Posted a JV almost identical to this last month, I guess I'll keep it open this time: This idea sprung from a current JV I'm doing with a non-US writer, so I thought I'd add others to the mix. I'm looking for some writers willing to write PLR packs based on hot topics I do the keyword...
  20. zebrahat

    PayPal Plans Big Changes in 2013

    In case people missed it, PP is saying it will try to revise its software from limiting/freezing accounts on a dime. Perhaps the class-action legal threats have finally brought it to heel: