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  1. BlueShiftXDBrah

    Best Views You've Tried Lately?

    My usual panel's views have been awful lately, can anyone suggest a good server on any panel? I'm mostly looking for ranking type views. Thanks in advance!
  2. BlueShiftXDBrah

    Silo Website Example

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good example of a silod site to better understand the concept. I've read some tutorials but I feel they don't explain it as well as a well structured example would. Thanks!
  3. BlueShiftXDBrah

    How much to charge per email subscriber?

    I'm working on a business model that helps businesses build email list subscribers. I'm working with local restaurants etc. I'm not sure how much to charge per email collected however. I have defaulted to €1 per subscriber for now. What do you guys think? These emails would be quite valuable to...
  4. BlueShiftXDBrah

    List of do-follow & no-follow Web 2.0 properties

    Hey guys, Blue here. I've compiled this list of do-follow and no-follow web 2.0 websites you can register for free. Alongside are some notes which will help you decide whether you want to use them or not. I hope this will help someone, enjoy...
  5. BlueShiftXDBrah

    YouTube Ranking Journey

    Hi, This will be my first journey, it will hopefully lead to greater things as I try to figure out YouTube and how the search engine works. I have ranked videos previously, my best video ended up raking in $4k. That was along with a ranked website though. However, that's as far as I took...
  6. BlueShiftXDBrah

    [Query] Pay-Per-Install Monetisation(YouTube & Google SEO)

    I have previous experience monetising downloads using PPI(RevenYou, Amonetize, Media-Kings). I'm not even sure if those networks are around anymore. However, I've found this network called InstallCapital and I'd like to try it again since I've had good success with it before. If anyone has used...
  7. BlueShiftXDBrah

    How has YouTube Search changed over the past year?

    How's it going BHW, I'm just wondering if much has changed on YouTube in terms of ranking videos in YouTube Search over the past year. I've made plenty with it before but haven't in a while, if anyone wants to point me in the right direction I wouldn't mind becoming your ref. Thanks for your...