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  1. Tozzy

    Common excuses from your seller/supplier.

    Usually they say they were ill or their close relative died.
  2. Tozzy

    "Want to Sell" thread is needed in BlackHatWorld

    I totally support this wild west marketplace idea, it's wonderful. Also I want a section for non-Jr.VIP members where they can offer their services and products. I know that isn't happening but whatever.
  3. Tozzy

    [GUIDE] Coronavirus superweapon that everyone has

    Bro seems like bullshit your body is 36.6c normally yet people somehow catch that Covid. Am sure someone already pointed this out.
  4. Tozzy

    I Now Hate Hostwind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Use some VPS it can easily have 100 GB for very little price compared to shared hosting with same space.
  5. Tozzy

    Can i grow Tiktok on PC using Bluestack or Nox?

    Good luck but these days most apps detect emulators. I remember starting IG like 3 years ago using an emulator and getting shadow banned right away.
  6. Tozzy

    Are you afraid of Coronavirus?

    I am a bit afraid of a lockdown or something like that more than the actual virus.
  7. Tozzy

    All I Need ₿1 Bitcoin to get rid of bloody Debt

    Most crypto users are tech savvier on average, they have some clue about affiliate marketing and don't want it. Although it started to shift recently, after the 20k$ bitcoin hype more and more 'normies' become aware of it.
  8. Tozzy

    All I Need ₿1 Bitcoin to get rid of bloody Debt

    Yea you can but from my experience like 1 out of 5 people know what is bitcoin and 1 out of 5 who know are ready to pay with it. There are niches where crypto payouts are prevalent like hacking and other shady stuff but good luck requesting BTC for writing, graphic design and SEO services...
  9. Tozzy

    All I Need ₿1 Bitcoin to get rid of bloody Debt

    Almost no affiliate program pays in bitcoin (I don't know any unless they're directly related to crypto) neither is it used to pay for freelance jobs. So earning online is hard but earning in bitcoin is I'd say 5x harder.
  10. Tozzy

    Is it good time to invest $5000 on bitcoin?

    Man who knows if we knew we would prolly take loans, sell our stuff and buy BTC. You say you believe Bitcoin shall be 100k one day, this is optimistic but it is pure speculation just like saying it'll be $1 in a year. Now it's far from being all-time high so this is not the worst moment at...
  11. Tozzy

    ePayments f****d up

    Doubt they're going to recover. Kinda Epese situation. All these services come and go due to their nature. Most money stored there is, well, somewhat shady to say the least, it is the matter of time when authorities decide to bust it. And of course they will make promises for as long as they can.
  12. Tozzy

    Coincidence or Not?!

    Lol several times I spoke about something near my tablet and later had related things show up in google ads. Needless to say I did not search online for it ever.
  13. Tozzy

    ❤️❤️❤️ How To Master Reddit ❤️ Without Losing Your Mind... ❤️❤️❤️

    Lol anyone who ever worked with reddit or has some common sense knows using tor or public proxy/vpn is the sure way to earn a ban for fresh account.
  14. Tozzy

    Android Money Course - Hurry up! Last days! Sales ends!

    Sorry for the offtopic but man each time I come to this thread I see a notice about limited offer, last 10/6/20 places etc and yet it is on sale.
  15. Tozzy

    HELP ! Found girl I'm dating on Pornhub

    Lol I am sorry OP but I still can't help but think this is a troll post. If not you're living in soap opera world. LMAO
  16. Tozzy

    I hate how the Youth is developing!

    "We live in a decaying age. Young people no longer respect their parents. They are rude and impatient." Some people believe this quote is from ancient Egyption source dating back to 4000 bc and, although it's likely fake, I think what you OP are saying is around for millennia and yet somehow...
  17. Tozzy

    Coronavirus thoughts

    I am not so extreme to say it's completely fake or a conspiracy, in fact I think it is as real as your usual flu that kills around 600k people worldwide, only on the smaller scale. It seems like Xi already does a lot to sort things out. Let's hope it doesn't get out of hand and ends up like the...
  18. Tozzy

    Google has removed favicons and it’s making searches so ugly

    I am so disgusted by the new SERP design where URLs ain't green anymore and are shown above the title. Also favicons appeared few days ago and now they are not displayed for me again. I also didn't like em. Guess I have a severe baby duck syndrome LMFAO, but the design was almost identical last...
  19. Tozzy

    Alpha Male!

    Yes it's good , but alpha is a natural thing you born into and thus this question is pointless. You either are the alpha or a desperate beta trying to imitate the alpha which is obvious most of the time.
  20. Tozzy

    Binary options strategy anyone?

    Because your broker is in full control, you ain't operating on a real market, you're literally playing casino. And it is a known fact casino always wins on the long run. And the nature of binary options "trading" is indeed more like betting than actual forex.