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  1. anandbernard

    Suggest me traffic sources for Crypto currences.

    Hey, I was looking to run ads for cryptocurrency websites, where Google and Facebook don't allow any more. Can someone suggest me what could be the best traffic source for running? Thanks, Anand Bernard
  2. anandbernard

    Looking for Crypto Native Traffic

    I was looking for Crypto Traffic where we can run crypto ads. Could you please help me with it a traffic source like Native, pop etc.
  3. anandbernard

    My facebook CPM's are dam high, How do I get it low?

    From the last 1 month, I was running a few campaigns where one particular account I see that the CPM's dams high. I tried every possible way I know to decrease the CPM's nothing worked so far. Can someone suggest something regarding it? Thank you, Anand Bernard
  4. anandbernard

    how to find deindexing pages from my website?

    Is there any tool to find out these particular pages are indexing on this particularly day and now they are deindexed. Thanks in advance anandbernard
  5. anandbernard

    CJ Affiliate Coupons plugin for wordpress

    Need a coupon importer plugin where it imports coupons and publish If anyone has CJ Affiliate Coupons plugin please give me
  6. anandbernard

    One step wordpress installation in digitalocean

    1.How to install WordPress by simple methods in digitalocean hosting? 2.How to install more than one WordPress site in single droplet? 3.How to delete a Wordpress site in a droplet without affecting other sites on droplet? Open your terminal and connect to your digital ocean server by using...