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  1. luke82817

    How to get extra links under your adwords ad?

    How do you get the extra links and opt-in field under an adwords ad? Also, does anyone know how many +1's you need in order to have it show up in your adwords ad?
  2. luke82817

    Copying Content to get Accepted as Affiliate Question

    I am making a website to get accepted for affiliate networks. Does it matter if the articles I fill my site with are original? My site certainly wouldn't be liked by google (because of the duplicate content) but would a CPA network care about this, or even bother checking to see if it's...
  3. luke82817

    Where to get free porn videos?

    This is for business not for my enjoyment! Anyone know where to find hot videos that are at least 20 or so minutes long?
  4. luke82817

    Good Offers need help!

    Just wondering: Are there any good incentive offers out their that don't require the user to enter their phone number or cc.. This really hurts conversion rates. Id rather have a lower paying offer. For example, has alot of good offers. I'm sure they pay at least 50 cents each but...
  5. luke82817

    Mailing Domains??

    CPA storm is asking me for my "mailing domains". I am applying as an email marketer. First of all, what are mailing domains? And what should I say if I don't have one?
  6. luke82817

    Just a bit of help? Actionscript?

    I was just wondering if any1 knows how to call javascript from actionscript? I need to know asap so I can finish up my website. Thanks!
  7. luke82817

    Uhh is it just me or did youtube..

    did youTUbe just remove the high quality button on their videos? I know you can maybe still view it by typing "&fmt=18", but this will save them alot of bandwidth I'd say.. Dammit! Now we can't fuck em over as badly as fast. :'(
  8. luke82817

    What's Your Favorite Drug?

    Marijuana, (obviously) cuz it has an endless number number of benefits and no drawbacks if vaporized. Plus you can't die!
  9. luke82817

    How do I know if an Offer Went Through? **urgent

    Hello, I am making a website that will contain affiliate offers. I am going to be offering free gifts for signups to my affiliates, but I am just wondering how I would do this? On some offers from my affiliate companies, i don't get paid till a signup reaches a certain page (mostly a thank you...
  10. luke82817

    Need Movie Player Advice

    How can I make a feature on my Flash video player that keeps track of how many minutes of the video is watched by each IP address? For example, I want to keep track of how many minutes of video is watched by each user. Basically all I want is for the player to send out a signal every minute...
  11. luke82817

    xkatanax is a scammer

    This guy is a scammer. How do I know? I tried to deal with him and when I outsmarted him he gave up on the deal. Also, I got ripped off a month or 2 ago from some1 with a youTube account 'thebentcarrot'. This guy is attempting to get free subs to this account so I am just warning you. Mods...
  12. luke82817

    Quick C pointer question. I need your help! Thanks!

    nm I just figured it out! Thanks anyways.
  13. luke82817

    Help me Finish this Idea

    Is there anything you can do with this idea? I've thought of getting people from youTube or something to do IQ tests. Usually once a person finished the IQ test they want to know what score they got, so if you get them to sign up for something, or do something (that's not too hard) that gets...
  14. luke82817

    Can you Modify programs?

    Does anyone know how to open up and modify programs? Like since most of these programs (tube increaser, etc.) are written in C++, can you open up the .cpp file and edit it? This would also be cool if I could do this to my computer games and change em around to my liking. Possible?
  15. luke82817

    Need Server for Smallest Website Ever

    hey I am wondering if anyone knows where I can rent an inexpensive server? I need a reliable server that won't crap out. I don't need much space at the moment, I just need enough space to put up a couple of videos. Less than 0.5 GB should do it. I should be getting several thousand...
  16. luke82817

    Need a goo free webhosting site

    i need a free web hosting site that I can use as a php redirection site to hide the referrer. All I need is for it to support php and have a big bandwidth. I've searched around on google for such a site and I am getting fed up with all of these fucking shitty sites. I think I have signed up for...
  17. luke82817

    What Site Should I Use?

    Ive used blogger to blank the referrer, but they flagged my blog as spam. Is there a better blog site (or a free website hosting/making site) that I can use to blank the referrer without getting it marked as spam and deleted? Thanks!
  18. luke82817

    tubeBooster Question

    Question about TUbeBooster. You know when you are using it to boost views, it has 'Tasks' and 'Succeeded'. Does tasks mean attempted views, and succeeded mean the views that actually went through? Like if tubeBooster says succeeded: 10000 will my video actually have 10k more views? Or will it be...
  19. luke82817

    Analytics wtf?

    Anyone know how long it takes for google analytics to refresh? Because it says 0 views for my website. And I ordered 1000 views to my site.. I also clicked on it myself with different proxies/tor etc. and am getting nothing! Wtf? lol It's been like 15hrs and not updated.. Any ideas? Thanks...
  20. luke82817

    Can someone please explain youTube Insight to me?

    I was looking at youTube insight and noticed something weird. A while back I posted a video and boost it about 15k per day for about 3 days. I am looking at insight and it says on those days I only have about 3.5k per day (not 15k) and my unique visitors is almost as high as the total views it...