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    World richest person in 2021

    You know what elon musk replied ? For more :
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    50% to 90% DISCOUNT || 12 Days of Christmas OFFER || Tested & Verified List of 250+ blogs that accept Sponsored Guest Posts

    Thread URL : To get this Discount Coupon : Kindly post in this thread or our sales thread like "Interested in back2form hot deal" #Thanks2020 and #Happy2021
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    [Congrats] Proxygo for 40,000 Posts

    First things First, Congrats for your HUGE Contribution to BHW forum. ( i.e in the form of 40k posts) A little, we all know about Proxygo " Notable Member with most messages, who is ranking next to Diamond Damien This is Great BHW Contribution! Let's Congrats @proxygo P.S : My...
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    What is your only favorite place ?

    Yes! Its a weekend thread. No ! I didnt asked country like places. I meant, online place where you like to spend time! I believe, different people see different similarities & similar differences. Let's see the differences..! For me :- Only Favorite place is blackhatworld. For you : ?
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    What are the Things that makes you Happy in BHW Forum

    Looking forward to the Interesting Answers. For me, When I receive Thanks to my posts & Threads! When my sales thread got Naturally BUMPED from members with Good reviews & Orders.☺
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    [Free Review Copy] Tested & Verified Guest Blogs that accept sponsored Guest posts

    Hello & Welcome to back2form Review Copy OFFER! STRAIGHT TO THE POINT : I need as many reviews for my recently launched sales thread. Sales thread URL : Min Criteria : Super Moderator...
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    Today (22.10.20) - One of our Super MOD's Birthday!

    Yes! It's our @MisterF Birthday Today! Happy, That I got to know from MisterF Itself. And after knowing it, How could we just leave without Wishes / Celebrations :anyway: Hope this Birthday is going to be your Magical Birthday Filled with Wonderful Surprises :) Enjoy your Day! My Best...
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    [ Tested & Verified ] Guest Blogs That Accept Sponsored Guest Post

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    Need Automobile and Restaurant Niche Blogs for Guest post

    back2form is now looking for high volume of Automobile, Law, Tech, Real Estate & Restaurant Blogs for Guest Posting. Note before contact me : Strictly : DA 40+ blogs. Strictly : No PBN Sites or general sites. Strictly : No Sites that Built for Guest Posts. I want theme related niche guest...
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    Guest Posts On VentureBeat

    Hello, back2form Here.. As the Title say's. I need sponsored posts on VentureBeat. I even contacted VB Team, But the Price they charged me $6000. If Anybody can do less ? PM me your Price & Turn Around Time. I'm looking for Long -Term Deal, So offer me as Best as you could do. Thank You.
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    16 SEO Myths you should Ignore Completely

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    Life Changing Daily Affirmations [GET INSPIRED!]

    Day 1 :
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    What is Your Best Hollywood BGM ?

    I repeat the Title, What is your Best Hollywood BGM ? I found this one Best.. Nice background Music.. I actually liked it. So Watched more than 10 times now.. And makes me to watch #Whats Next.. Thus, i found this 7 mins #Portal Combat Video.. Creating this thread Now to watch as many...
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    10 April Fool Jokes that ended in Disaster

    10 April Fool Jokes that ended in Disaster Ruth Walker, 30, Newcastle At my old job, I spread Nutella on the loo roll and left it on the floor in the girls’ toilets. I then sent a company-wide email telling everyone to be more considerate. The CEO thought it was real and was on the war path...
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    Good Friday to all BHW Members

    Every Friday is Good, But this Friday is Special Good. Good Friday additionally identified as Great Friday, Holy Friday, Black Friday and Easter Friday. So, Good Friday BHW!
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    Today, Wiz Celebrates 10 Years on BHW

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    Where are you from & What do you do ?

    I guess the purpose of this thread is both because I'd like to know a little more about other BHW members. Where are you from? What do you do? (also any other info that we may find interesting). I'll start: I am a 29 year old, studying M.A (Yoga) I completed BE (Electronics & Instrumentation...
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    10 Link Building Strategies To Avoid In 2018

    As one of the top three ranking signals, backlinks have mattered to search engines for years, and they will most likely continue to matter far into the future for as long as organic search results exist. That means building links is not just an optional addition but an integral part of just...
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    Regarding Alert Notifications

    Alerts Someone liked your post in the thread Blah Blah Blah bla Blaa Blah - Receiving alert notification :) But, If Someone disliked your post in the thread Blah Blah - Not receiving alert notification :( 2. Alert Notifications for "BHW Partnerships or any Serious notifications? JV...
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    What makes back2form happy ? Mind

    What makes you Happy ? I said, Money & Weed earlier today.. & After 1 hour mind research & study. back2form Answer : " Mind " Mind Makes Everything If your mind believe "Money" is happiness, Then the result = happy! if your mind think weed makes happy, then the result = happy! The...