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  1. Loxo

    How would you advertise funeral related services?

    I have a potential client that wants his funeral related services advertised on Facebook and I don't know how to approach that task. Obvious route is some bizarre and morbid campaign that can easily go viral, but it would probably not look very professional (and maybe it could repulse certain...
  2. Loxo

    Udemy courses with a 100% discount - FREE

    With this current situation in the world you should stay at home as much as possible. In some countries staying at home is mandatory. So I think that now is a good time to use that free time and learn some useful skills. I will be posting all IM / IT related Udemy courses with a 100% discount...
  3. Loxo

    How to monetize real and active FB accounts?

    I have access to at least 50 (probably over 100, I didn't checked them all yet) real and active facebook accounts. What do you think that it's best way to monetize them? How would you monetize them? Only idea that I have is selling Facebook reviews. (please don't contact me if you want to buy...
  4. Loxo

    How to earn from dropshipping doing almost nothing!

    This morning I received e-mail notification that my store received new message from customer. It was very suspicious to me because that store have only few items and it was only for testing purposes. I checked the link and it is actually leading to Aliexpress but with this guys referral...
  5. Loxo

    How to lower your CTR

    What methods do you use to lower your clicks on ads ratio? :)
  6. Loxo

    Fastest Wordpress theme?

    Hi, I'm looking for fastest free wordpress theme. I need it for news/blog website. I am using NewsMag Lite but that theme is slow, I am looking for something easier and faster to load.
  7. Loxo

    AdSense says that my website is down, but it isn't

    I'm trying to make new adsense account, I made website and sent it to google. They are rejecting it 3 times for reason: First time when they rejected me website was slow, it was rated 55/100 on . I fixed it, compressed photos, installed...
  8. Loxo

    How to download video from Facebook story?

    Does anyone know and want to share how to download video from FB story? :)
  9. Loxo

    How to revive Instagram engagement after being unbanned

    My Instagram account got banned exactly 4 months ago. Before it got banned it had 26k followers, around 13% engagement ratio and it was getting around 500 every day. I was down for few days when that happened, but I accepted it. 2 days ago, I saw @imzeus thread "Guide - How to recover a...
  10. Loxo

    How to get desired Instagram username

    On one of my instagram profiles I had to use "username1" because just "username" was already in use. Now after few months there is no profile with just "username", I guess that he got banned or deleted profile. This is what I see when I go to But when I try to change...
  11. Loxo

    How to advertise music video?

    Friend asked me to help him with marketing for his upcoming music video. I don't know a shit about advertising youtube videos. Should I advertise his video on youtube ads or maybe instagram? How do you advertise music videos? Genre is trap, so I guess that audience are people between 15 and...
  12. Loxo

    [Giveaway] Free 35000 Instagram video views

    Hi, I'm giving away total of 35000 views on your Instagram videos. First 10 people that post in this thread and PM me link of video gets 1000 views. Next 50 people that post in this thread and PM me link of video gets 500 views. Requirements: Public Instagram profile At least 20 posts on BHW...
  13. Loxo

    How to choose name for a brand?

    How to pick good name for your brand? Where do you find inspiration?
  14. Loxo

    Find who make this

    Earn beer money. Find who draw this and I will paypal you $5.
  15. Loxo

    Best IG proxies?

    Recommend me best instagram proxies. Price doesn't matter.
  16. Loxo

    How to see mutual followers on two accounts

    Is there any website where I can see mutual followers for two public accounts? I see some apps for iOS, but you have to log in.
  17. Loxo

    How to advertise SMM services?

    I am reselling likes, followers, etc. from Marketplace to people from my country. I am already advertising on domestic version of eBay. Do you guys have some ideas how to bring more customers?
  18. Loxo

    Popup plugin

    I am using Wordpress and I need popup plugin that can't be closed. So I need popup without close but and it shouldn't be closed when someone click anywhere on site (on popup or next to popup). Also I need to put my own html code in that popup. EDIT. I found it, if anyone need same plugin here...
  19. Loxo

    Best time to post - GMT2

    In analytics>optimization I have two graphs. First one is "Best time to post (timezones)" and second one is "Best time to post (engagement)". Which one should I listen to? :D I guess I should post in time when I have best engagement, so I should listen second graph?
  20. Loxo

    How to get sales on Fiverr

    Around 2 years ago I was using Fiverr and selling some things, I had 10-15 sales in one month and after that I stopped because I had to focus on other projects. Now I want to sell shoutouts on my IG accounts there. I posted like week ago 3 gigs for 3 accounts. Two gigs have 0 views and one gig...