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  1. grafxextreme

    Finding WP Sites Which Use Specific Template?

    I'm looking for wordpress websites which have been created by a specific template. I assume I would use a search engine to find this but so far, I haven't had much luck. I know Google can identify their footprint but I can't figure out how to do it. Each template uses the same phrases and...
  2. grafxextreme

    JV: Make Money & Get Dates as a Talent Agent

    I'm just throwing this idea out. You can use it if you want and know how to make it work. But it's actually something that I'm considering creating and then licensing out. I'm throwing this out here to get an idea to see if there is any interest in this type of business. My consulting firm...
  3. grafxextreme

    Php Site Registration Decoder?

    I own a legal copy of a php script. I purchased it a few years ago and wanted to switch the software to a new domain. However, I discovered that the script is registered to a specific domain. In order for the script to run it requires the code and the code will only run from the registered...
  4. grafxextreme

    My Server Has a Ghost. How Do I Exerocise it?

    I may need to get a Catholic priest but thought I'd ask one of you first and see if you've had this problem. This has happened to me more than once and on different servers. I will update a file and save it via FTP. I will then refresh the page to see the update. No update is seen. I...
  5. grafxextreme

    Offline Marketing: Exclusive Audio Seminar?

    First, let me thank everyone who's read my posts over the last year and has had positive things to say. It's much appreciated. This year, I want to do something a little different and how good this is will depend upon everyone who is interested in Offline Marketing aka Marketing Consulting...
  6. grafxextreme

    Howie Schwartz: Offline Marketing / Consulting

    I realize that some of you are Howie fans so I'll warn you ahead of time that I'm going to have some fun at Howie's expense. However, this isn't really about Howie, it's about you, if you're interested and serious about Offline Marketing. There's a lot of people who have become overnight...
  7. grafxextreme

    Best Hosting for Whitehat Blog?

    I have a pastor who contacted me because someone in Brazil had hacked their church site. She's looking for a good hosting site. Someone who is reliable, has good uptime and good support. They need unlimited mysql and email. They prefer Cpanel...
  8. grafxextreme

    How to Become an Offline Marketing Consultant

    To those of you who are interested in Offline Marketing... There seems to be a lot of interest in Offline Marketing. I've been doing this since around 1987 when there was the transition from DOS to Windows and from Bulletin Board Services to the Internet. It's been highly profitable for me...
  9. grafxextreme

    Amazon S3 hosting

    Hello I have Amazon S3 hosting account. What I'm looking for is software or script to help add video and audios quickly to my account. I looked at eZs3 but I really don't want to pay a monthly fee. Anyone know of a good software program? Or can recommend alternative video streaming hosts...
  10. grafxextreme

    Make Money Giving Away Websites Cash Plan

    I know you?ve seen this before. Lots of good ideas and theories out there. Here?s another twist for you to consider. 1. I can?t mention the website (because I?m an affiliate so you?ll have to PM me) but it has clickbank video websites already set up and ready to go. There?s no point in...
  11. grafxextreme

    Real Estate Sites -- Still Profitable?

    Have a question... I'm looking for some ideas for monetizing some real estate websites I've had for awhile. Haven't done anything with them since the real estate bust and just looking for some specific programs out there which may be profitable. One of them in particular,
  12. grafxextreme

    Frank Bauer a Spammer?

    I've been getting a lot of spam through Frank Bauer's website VUR.ME. Anyone know anything about the company? Is it a know harborer of spam? What's the story? Thanks!
  13. grafxextreme

    NOOBS: Maximize Your Profits while Minimizing Your Learning Curve

    As with everything else in life there is a "learning curve". I believe it may be a little unrealistic to expect a steady income from IM as quickly as many noobs expect. Consider there are many here who have been at IM for more than a year and who have yet to make their first dollar. It?s not...
  14. grafxextreme

    NOOBS: Get Paid $50+/hr Ez Offline Marketing

    This one is for the noobs who are looking for something doable and something that can earn them some quick cash especially if they live in an area with a good size population. Apologies: For those who were waiting for the "Niche Hosting Plan" my apologies. I'll try to get it out next weekend...
  15. grafxextreme

    $2000/mo Membership Site Using Offline Marketing

    I?ve had quite a few people PM me about offline marketing. I thought I would share something I?ve used that works for me in my area. (This isn't my money maker it's something I JV with) Each person will have to scale and modify the idea to their own offers. It?s no secret that the economy is...
  16. grafxextreme

    BabyBoy08 Saves World News a 5:00!

    I debated whether to do this or not. I really didn?t want to but when by BabyBoy08 crossed the line then there wasn?t much choice in the matter. You know it's always interesting what you'll come across here and who is on this list. You have the BHW newbies like myself and the more...