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  1. Netkas

    gEt nOrDvPn AnD pRoTeCt YoUr PrIvAcY (Rant)

    Imagine a world, where you can create a VPN Server, market it by slapping on "Military grade encryption" and "Full privacy protection", then seek desperate YouTubers who still live at their parents house to offer a sponsorship. That same YouTuber will go out their way and say "Get NordVPN and...
  2. Netkas

    PlayStation 2

    Does anyone still remember that old gem? And whenever you fire it up you are greeted with that nostalgic sound and that old menu. If so, What kind of games did you have for your PlayStation 2? OR Do you even still have it?
  3. Netkas

    Hello World

    I'm Netkas, I've gone by other Aliases in the past and loved the BHW ever since 2015 when i first discovered and created my account on this forum, This will be my last and only account on BHW because I forgot the Password to my old E-Mail Accounts, and I hope I will be able to help the community...