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  1. TylerSplash

    Working Bing VCC ?

    Are there any working bing vcc that i can buy or are available somewhere ?
  2. TylerSplash

    Got Plenty of Facebook Ads Traffic , Need Offers !

    Hi I have unlimited facebook ads traffic just need good diet or skin usa / canada offers :)
  3. TylerSplash

    Freelancer Needed to manage my Facebook Campaigns

    Hello , I need someone who has good knowledge about facebook ads and who can mange my campaigns and accounts . I will be giving you access to accounts and will tell you which stats do you have to write down and make sure other things are okay.
  4. TylerSplash

    Aged USA Faceboook Accounts with Socks

    Looking for usa facebook accounts with socks and should be atleast 3months old with some activity on them.
  5. TylerSplash

    Looking for Indian postpaid facebook ad accounts

    Hey , I am looking for postpaid facebook ad accounts . I am willing to rent / buy . Need Asap
  6. TylerSplash

    Traffic Armor Better than Justcloakit ?

    So my friend recommended me to use Traffic Armor instead of just cloakit , is it better than jci ? and i also see it has much lower rates as compared to jci , need your review guys !
  7. TylerSplash

    Facebook Accounts NEEDED !

    Hey guys I am looking for postpaid ad accounts for facebook , if you have them hit me up on skype : tylersplash1 !
  8. TylerSplash

    Looking for Direct Advertisers of Skin and Diet !

    Hello Everyone ! I am looking for direct advertisers of skin and diet cpa offers , I have got a lot of traffic and i am doing big volume atm. Contact me asap if you have good offers :)
  9. TylerSplash


    Do anyone knows about affcheaptools ? I want someone to refer me to get an account over there .
  10. TylerSplash

    Scammed for $200 by Charles Walley G

    Beware , I got scammed for $200 by Charles skype : charles.walleyg
  11. TylerSplash

    Need Diet CPA Offers

    I need diet cpa offers with an upsell to promote , i have a lot of traffic.
  12. TylerSplash

    Need Best Diet CPA Offers

    Hey Guys I have a lot of traffic for USA diet offers so if you can get me trial offers with an upsell would be better.
  13. TylerSplash

    Right Time to Buy in Crypto !

    I just woke up and saw that all crypto's are almost 20% down so i quickly grabbed few btc , ethereum and litecoin , Are there any more you would suggest to buy ?
  14. TylerSplash

    Making Money With Bitcoins !!

    Hello People , you all must know about Arbitrage and If you don't It's simple , arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets . So You can do this with bitcoins , Let me explain you how . The current Price of Bitcoins in USD is $13.3k and in...
  15. TylerSplash

    Merry Christmas BlackhatWorld !

  16. TylerSplash

    Looking for someone to rip off a site

    Hey guys , i am looking for someone to rip off a one page small site for me and send the complete site to me in zip file.
  17. TylerSplash

    Where can i get USA windows Server ?

    I need usa windows server to spy on facebook ads , tired of these spy tools now.
  18. TylerSplash

    Will that be the time when bitcoin starts falling ?

    Hey Guys, So as most of you know that there are only 21 million Bitcoins that can be mined in total. Once miners have unlocked this many Bitcoins, the planet's supply will essentially be tapped out, unless Bitcoin's protocol is changed to allow for a larger supply. I guess when bitcoin will be...
  19. TylerSplash

    Banner Designer Required Asap !

    I need a banner designer to design a banner for my services that i am gonna soon promote in marketplace . PM me for details.
  20. TylerSplash

    Want to know the reason !

    Why was neon banned and has he been banned for lifetime ?