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  1. kshatriya

    Would people pay for shopify-powered sales data?

    Most of my money comes in through e-commerce websites and I've figured out a way to "see" the sales that certain shopify websites make. So some websites could make 30 sales a month or some could make multiple times more. So with that, along with the keywords that are being focused on per...
  2. kshatriya

    Making money during Corona (CoVid)

    Sorry for the late reply, but alcohol (contact local distilleries if they're running), anything antiseptic or disinfectant like lysol, dettol, wipes, sanitizers, hand wash, body wash (if they say antiseptic on them). I've been making a killing on just buying local in wholesale and selling it...
  3. kshatriya

    [FREE REVIEW COPIES] - Expired Articles / Plagiarism Passed - 1-5 per member

    Interesting I've got a few websites in the medical supplies/sports supplies niche. Ideally, I'd like to see traffic or just good backlinks to my websites. I'd like to see how much they would affect my ranking.
  4. kshatriya

    Amazon Niche Website - (DA26/PA35 - TF16/ CF33)

    Hi, please send me a PM with your aged domains
  5. kshatriya

    Python Scraper Wanted

    I'm looking to hire a freelancer to scrape a few websites. The websites will need to be scraped daily for their products and inventory levels. The scraper should be able to calculate the difference in inventory on a daily basis and display it on a webapp so I can see the sales per item on a...
  6. kshatriya


    Review for service rendered I was interested in Parker's service after reading the description and some of the reviews that other members had left. I was offered the chance to submit a review for a feww service. I took a chance and used the service directly on my money site since I felt it...
  7. kshatriya reviews needed

    I'm looking for someone who can put up reviews. PM me your pricing and your past work you've done.
  8. kshatriya

    As a web scraper what are the ways to earn online?

    Lot's of ways. Scrape ecommerce sites such as ebay for completed listings and see what sells the most often in certain categories. Scrape places like flipkart and snapdeal for similar sales. Offer the sales data to potential sellers.
  9. kshatriya

    Super high CPC, low volume - worth it?

    Right, traffic is kind of low How about instead of adsense, possibly converting this to a funnel site for people searching for this industrial/scientific product? Anyone done that?
  10. kshatriya

    Super high CPC, low volume - worth it?

    I've come across a number of keywords with medium difficult with CPC over $5 and volumes around 4000 in total. Would it be worth it to target such low volumes? Also, the keyword is industrial/scientific machinery. So, I can;t exactly use amazon affiliate on this, if I decide to go ahead. Have...
  11. kshatriya

    DomRecovery - Resurrect Websites from Wayback Machine

    One question, the website whose data I want has been 301'd. Even in the wayback machine, it doesn't give any info other than connecting me to the 301'ed site. Would your program be able to bring that content and site structure back?
  12. kshatriya

    ◀️▶️Next Level SEO⚡️⚡️Wikipedia, Editorials, Outreach & More⭐❇️XMAS SALE ON NOW!❇️⭐

    Can you send over the full site list with prices and details please?
  13. kshatriya

    Free freshly written 500-word article! A huge giveaway!

    @Braxton Bragg I'd be interested in one as well. I'll PM you with the topic. IF it's good enough, it'll go on the main site, otherwise it'll go on a web 2.0