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  1. Andrewbar

    Very few pages with internal links

    I have a 6-7 month old adult site with 1.5k posts. The sites has a lot of interlinks from category pages and paginations to posts, but in GSC in the internal links report I only have about 70 pages that have internal links. Anyone know why this happens or had a similar problem? I only have...
  2. Andrewbar

    Footprints in indexing backlinks?

    I want to index some of the backlinks to my site. To do this I want to use a different already indexed blog, and put the links to my backlinks there. After the backlinks are indexed, I remove the links in the blog and put some other links to backlinks I want to index. Do I have to worry about...
  3. Andrewbar

    Looking for whatsapp autoresponder bot

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a whatsapp autoresponder that sends a few spinned messages to every new person that messages me. I need a bot that doesn't need any emulators to run. Does anyone know a bot that can do this, paid or free?
  4. Andrewbar

    Parasite vs Blog ?

    Hey guys, I am new to SEO and have a bit of a noob question. What advantage is there to making a blog post on a new domain instead of using a parasite? Parasites have more domain authority and you can send them a lot of bad links and seemingly rank better. So if I wanted to write articles...
  5. Andrewbar

    How can I see competitor's audience retention and watch time?

    How can I see the average audience retention and watch time for any youtube channel/video?
  6. Andrewbar

    Reupload creative commons videos on youtube

    Can I reupload unedited creative commons videos on youtube without getting copyright strikes? Do they rank poorly due to not being original content? Can they be monetized?Not planning on using adsense, just to promote ppi offers.
  7. Andrewbar

    Some GMT2 questions

    I recently switched from Jarvee to GMT2 to scale, and have been having some problems. The follow tool doesn't stop following after reaching the daily max, anyone had this problem? Also, is there no option to randomize night mode as in jarvee? One other odd thing is I don't get EV when adding...
  8. Andrewbar

    Survey site that allows outsourcing

    Anyone knows any site like mturk that pays for surveys, but allows outsourcing work to other countries?
  9. Andrewbar

    Instagram acc creation email error

    Lately I've been getting the error "We're having trouble verifying your email " when creating instagram accounts. The email gets banned after that. I have tried with both real and fake gmail, yahoo and hotmail emails, but always get the same error. Anyone know how to solve this?
  10. Andrewbar

    Source of hot girl pictures?

    Anyone know a good source for non-nude pictures of girls to use in Instagram/Snapchat? I am promoting SOI offers and need to create fake accounts of girls, so need several pictures of the same girl, not just a random collection
  11. Andrewbar

    Is fueledleads trustworthy?

    I have been receiving lots of DMs on Instagram about this affiliate program. Has anyone here tried it?Is it a scam? Is there any money to be made here? Thanks
  12. Andrewbar

    IG accounts getting banned with very low settings

    I bought 1 year old non pva IG accounts and were warming them up on Jarvee with very low settings(5-10 likes per day) and dedicated ipv4 proxies. On some of them I posted from Jarvee and on the others I didn't post anything. I am using European proxies, and the accounts were created on Eastern...
  13. Andrewbar

    How to hide link sent in Instagram DM

    I've seen fake girl accounts on Instagram that DM you what looks like a video with a caption and thumbnail. But when clicked, they direct you to their Adult Affiliate offers. How can I do the same, meaning hide my affiliate link with some fake thumbnail?
  14. Andrewbar

    Help with promoting crakrevenue on Instagram

    Hey, I have a hot girls Instagram page with 14k followers. I want to promote crakrevenue SOI offers. Will I get banned if I post the links directly in my bio or story? To prevent this can I just buy a domain and redirect it to the offer, or do I need to host my own landing page? Can I DM the...
  15. Andrewbar

    Problem with Instagram and getsmscode

    I have done phone verification on some Instagram accounts using getsmscode. However, what can I do when an account asks for phone verification a second time and Instagram has saved the previous phone number? I can't change the phone number to a new one, and no longer have access to the previous...
  16. Andrewbar

    Instagram Phone Verification

    Hey, I'm doing cpa with ogads and Instagram. Most of my accounts have stopped because they need phone verification. Which paid service do you guys recommend to do it?
  17. Andrewbar

    HTTrack virus alerts on Ogads landing pages

    Hey, I wanted to host the Ogads landing pages on my own domain.I tried using HTTrack to rip the landing pages but was stopped from doing so by a barrage of phishing virus alerts which quarantined the files. Does this happen to anyone else and should I just disable my antivirus software, or is...
  18. Andrewbar

    Can't use Instagram from mobile after starting Jarvee

    Hey, so I already had 1 social profile on Jarvee that has been working well without a proxy. Today I added a new account on Jarvee with a proxy and since then, whenever the bot is running, I can't see my or anyone else's profile on mobile, it only shows white.The feed is working properly though...
  19. Andrewbar

    Instagram Monetization Help

    Hey, newbie here. I have an Instagram account with 5k followers growing 300~600 a day. I'm currently trying to sell a clickbank product, but with no success so far.Should I make a custom landing page instead of sending people directly to the clickbank product page? Is clickbank worth it, or...