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  1. DarkManWeb

    Hello I need HELP Related to YOUTUBE

    Hlw My dear BHW Friends I need help, I have got an idea about youtube. The idea is that My niche will be MONEY MAKING I will choose my location USA I will make shorts and Long videos both with TEXT TO SPEECH and with some good content will it work?
  2. DarkManWeb

    How to surround with KNOWLEDGABLE PEOPLE?

    Hlw BHW I want to Know How can I surround myself with GOOD People. As There is not good people near me. I want to learn IM and things like people sell on BHW like how they guys give reviews, how they make backlinks all these stuffs
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    I just started a Instagram account but I am not able to find accounts related to my niche with low followers also. I am doing follow unfollow method i am following @IG Professor @IGKing
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    HEY, Can you Suggest Best software or any method to watch pdf books and watching long hours courses.
  5. DarkManWeb

    [JOURNEY] Starting a Quiz Website with NO MONEY and LITTLE BIT of SKILL

    Hello BHW and Professionals, I am newbie here and after learning so much from BHW community. I started a new quiz site belonging to Health and Fitness Niche. RESOURCES From, I transferred to sub domain of INFINITYFREE hosting. I got WordPress plugins and themes from BHW And I...
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    How can I increase revenue in my Sticker Business?

    I have a Sticker Business in India. We make vinyl/ decal stickers HOW CAN I INCREASE REVENUE as We are not making much
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    I saw a post on BlackHatWorld where a guy is sharing Instagram Bulk Post Maker from Quotes. If you know that type of software please share
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    How to make PIRACY WEBSITE?

    How can I make website where I can upload Pirated material not PORN. Related to study material and Lectures for FREE
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    My cousin brother is making $$$$ but We don't know HOW ?

    My cousin brother is making $$$$. But no one know HOW his family members are also telling we don't know. He is of age around 20 years old . He bought iPhone 11 pro max and a SUV of around 20 Lac in same year. He also bought house of 10 lac and He give 5 lac loan to my uncle also. If anyone...
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    How can we START Digital Marketing Career from beginner level ?

    Hey Guys, How can I start digital marketing career from beginner and to make money online. I am from INDIA.
  11. DarkManWeb

    Best Career Options After Class 12

    I am interested in making money but I don't want to do job. I am from India and I am studying in Class 12 and I am good in technical skills and also in academic. If anyone guide me It would be great help for me.
  12. DarkManWeb

    How to make Facebook accounts that can't banned?

    Hey How can I make Facebook accounts that can't banned, I made previously account and to make it look genuine I watch videos like comment and make sure I won't look like a Spam but when I opened that account it is showing send your picture in which your face is visible. HELP ME
  13. DarkManWeb

    How can I make a blogger website looks professional for study material downloading?

    Hey I am wonder to know that how can i make a 100% free website with blogger that looks professional. My website purpose should be that any JEE/ NEET aspirants can download material which help them a lot Guide me
  14. DarkManWeb

    Plz tell me How to increase rating of Google local business?

    I am trying to increase local business google rating
  15. DarkManWeb

    [MUST WATCH] IG How to make posts in bulk?

    Hello my dear BlackHatWorld members, I am requesting you to help me for making posts for Instagram in bulk for free or If you know any paid method please let me know. And also If my English is bad also tell me I am learning copywriting
  16. DarkManWeb

    [REQ] Complete Guide for New Blog/Blogspot

    I want complete guide specially from Black Hat and Experience one. I want to promote affiliate project. My blog will be a type of landing page where I give tips & tricks and product review. Plz give suggestion also
  17. DarkManWeb

    [REQ] CopyWriting Academy By LURN -Anik Singal

    Hey @amoon, I need CopyWriting Academy By LURN. I found your thread very helpful but the link were not working only first 2-3 are working. If anyone else have course of Anik Singal or Dan Lok for copywriting. Please share