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  1. rizzmond

    Free bookmarking service (wont last forever)

    Hi all I bought a well known bookmarking software and just in the middle of testing and using it. I decided to offer a free bookmarking service as I cant see it will hurt and will actually make the accounts look more legit. I will bookmark 1 url per user you get your url submitted to...
  2. rizzmond

    Looking for demonoid invite

    Hi all Im looking for a demonoid invite if anyone can sort me out. I have a 100mbit connection and I am not a leecher. Have many quality torrents to share. anyone help me????
  3. rizzmond

    I Need Youtube Accounts

    I need a supplier of youtube accounts. will pay $15 for 100 accounts, will want lots of accounts so long term supplier best. Please PM me
  4. rizzmond

    ULTIMATE stat / referral site list - PRstorm etc

    This is a list of stat/referral sites ive been compiling for awhile now. It will get added to soon as i have many more urls to sort and check and add to the list. This list contains 86110 urls and was checked, sorted and compiled on 8/12/2009 It can be used with PRstorm and similiar type tools...
  5. rizzmond

    I Need private proxies

    Struggling using public proxies has anyone got any short term private proxies i can buy. Im not looking for many just 1 or 2 and im not looking for a monthly deal, just want a day or two then I will ramp up. If anyone can help pls PM me or reply to this thread. Money is waiting
  6. rizzmond

    Fresh list of 2355 stat / referral type sites

    This is a list of stat / referral sites that I harvested 18 October 2009 2355 sites, many stat pages have PR1-7 Can be used with prstorm etc for fast indexing and backlinks
  7. rizzmond

    Looking for CPA JVs

    Hi Im quite new to CPA and as such im joining many networks. I have quite a few networks already and cant use them all. Im looking for joint ventures with trust worthy people as im trust worthy myself. Like I say I have CPA accounts that can be used now but can also join a network if your...
  8. rizzmond

    What are the best tools / bots to buy?

    Hi all Im going to start investing in some tools / bots and just wanted ppls advice and input on which are the best ones to buy? maybe ppl could list there top 3 tools / bots. Thanks
  9. rizzmond

    Just saying Hi

    Hi all Been reading this forum for awhile now and I thinks its really great. Picked up some really good ideas and techniques. Decided to take a more active role on this forum and start posting and participating. See you around