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  1. AYOdukes

    How did you make your first 1000$ online?

    Recruiting girls on Instagram to strip on cam. Something I still do to this day! Currently banking about 12k a month with it on average. Lol
  2. AYOdukes

    Completed Graphic solution -Now Upto 70% off on completed graphic design service - Started From 9$

    Are his prices still the same as what was advertised on the sales thread?
  3. AYOdukes

    Need help making my Facebook videos go viral!

    It's all about luck buddy..Lol
  4. AYOdukes

    Porn Upload Method Help

    Just get a bot and scale up.
  5. AYOdukes

    I got money today

    Quit thinking small buddy. 3 dollars can't even buy you a cup of coffee...Lol
  6. AYOdukes

    receiving anonymous payment online

    Are you planning on committing a crime or something...Lol:smirk:
  7. AYOdukes

    75K in Debt. Depressed. I want out.

    Can't do that now unfortunately :( Add me on kik :ladyslavios Or preferably email : [email protected] dot com
  8. AYOdukes

    75K in Debt. Depressed. I want out.

    And if you are willing to go slightly blackhat, you could pay off your debt in a week..Lol That's no exaggeration btw I'm living proof of what's possible online !! Haha.
  9. AYOdukes

    Instagram + Ogads FIRST JORNEY 5$-DAY

    Lolzzzz...just 50 cents!!..are you kidding:eek::eek::eek::eek::confused::confused: How do you plan on surviving on that?
  10. AYOdukes

    SMSPVA.COM - automatic service that accepts verification required SMS messages

    Do you work with partners from countries like ghana,nigeria etc ? Cause I have a ton of sim cards from these countries(around 700sims) Kindly let me know if I can partner with you.;)
  11. AYOdukes

    Batman Crazy Dark PBN - Avg DA ➜ 20+| Handwritten Content █ Discount Available █

    Would love to meet your graphic designer...this sales thread is so dope!!:eek: Jeezz..I'm impressed.:D
  12. AYOdukes

    how i can see best threads of Notable Members?

    "Sir" !! You be naija guy?o_O
  13. AYOdukes

    Looking to start making money with IM - have some $$ i can use to start - need advice

    To be honest with you,I have not really done This sort of thing before.(am not that patient:rolleyes:) Just suggested the idea cause I actually Sell videos(white board animation). And a lot of my clients seem to be doing just fine with some of the videos I sold To them. So you might as well...
  14. AYOdukes

    Looking to start making money with IM - have some $$ i can use to start - need advice

    Buy some some dirt cheap youtube videos. And run ads on them since your adsense Account is still active. You would probably bank more than some Paltry $250:rolleyes: a month with several videos.:)
  15. AYOdukes

    Hi everyone

    welcome mate:).. I should probably do an intro here myself:rolleyes:. I have been kinda lazy about it:(
  16. AYOdukes

    Hello all

    Welcome mate!!! I'm also new here too. Just kinda lazy to write a proper intro. Lol! would be doing that anytime soon though.. Am really enjoying myself with all these interesting posts. best place to be for poor folks like me who live halfway across the world!!
  17. AYOdukes

    My porn site journey

    Am really curious in seeing how far you have gone...if you dont mind. Pm the url.
  18. AYOdukes

    My porn site journey

    Whats your site's url please?