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    Any advice for getting clients?

    My firm works with companies who are seeking to generate leads. (Insurance, Accountants, Printers, Consultants, Chiropractors, Gyms, etc..) What we do is produce a non-sales webinar addressing an issue your market already has and understands it's a problem. Our clients would sponsor the webinar...
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    Jazz Up Your Pages and Blogs With This Easy Text-Shading Effect

    Thank you, I'll add that to my toolbox of things to do on my website to help it stand out.
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    Did you ever get a response on this? Are you still looking? Just curious as to what you discovered.
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    Finding WP Sites Which Use Specific Template?

    I'm looking for wordpress websites which have been created by a specific template. I assume I would use a search engine to find this but so far, I haven't had much luck. I know Google can identify their footprint but I can't figure out how to do it. Each template uses the same phrases and...
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    Practial solar powered planes impossible?

    Depends, what do you want an electric plane or a plane who's energy source is solar? If you're looking for a fueless electric plane, you might check out Charles Lindenberg, his flight required no fuel. It was an electric plane he flew in his famous transatlantic flight. Will it provide energy...
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    Back again, keep hitting those DUD clients, looking for advice.

    Or you may be passing on an opportunity..... Ask him to send you a copy of the DVD for you to review to see what it will take to promote it. If nothing else, you can get a free copy of the "hot" girl. Ask him for an endorsement from her for your business and what she is willing to do to...
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    Promote Your Business With Awesome Eye Catching Videos [Very Affordable Prices]

    I'd like to see some samples. Very interested.
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    Where does coaches who held big classes/seminar or webinars typically hangout online?

    What kind of coaches? Life coaches? Business coaches? Accountability Coaches? Consultant Coaches? SEO Coaches? etc... If you provided a little more information as to what you're offering it would be easier to assist.
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    Need Marketers For Webinar

    Just curious if you ever were able to do anything with this? Would have been helpful to know what market you were targeting.
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    Could really use some encouragement

    Sean, the thing to keep in mind is it's not your job to sell the real estate for her. That's her job. It is your job to produce traffic for her. Be able to show her an increase in traffic to her site. To show the people visiting her site are qualified prospects. Don't sell seo to her. Sell her...
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    I'm thinking of going Offline and could use some help

    MrGreen you're over complicating this. The truth is they don't care what the site looks like. They only care about the results it produces. The old static websites are dead for most small businesses such as dentist. They now need mobile websites. The fact is, many of these professionals buy...
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    Anyone do cold calling for website and SEO cusromers?

    I'm offering webinar services to a specific industry. I found the trick is to not sell. Offer them what they want. For the most part, no one cares about SEO. You're trying to sell them something they don't know or believe they want. From the beginning you're swimming upstream. It's a lot...
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    started a new dating advice site(info inside) made 830 USD by now ,goal:3000 used per mont

    Yoniwe, I'm curious as to who you're targeting. Meaning what kind of women are your students after? Young women? MILF? I'm doing something similar for "cougars" on how to score young guys. Just curious as to what you're doing. Good luck.
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    JV: Make Money & Get Dates as a Talent Agent

    Thanks Lickmeloose, I already have three committed people for the Las Vegas area, two for LA and one for NYC. Appreciate the interest.
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    20 Most Profitable Small Businesses in USA

    They completely missed Dry Cleaners. They have an astounding net profit margins. And, they completely missed consultants who can average 30% net profit margins.
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    JV: Make Money & Get Dates as a Talent Agent

    For those of you who've PM me just a quick update.... Things are going forward. I'll have the visualmercial completed by this Friday. The flyer and business cards are ready. You'll be able to brand the visualmercial with your contact information. The radio commercial may take a little longer...
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    Make Money Giving Away Websites Cash Plan

    My apologies for not responding about the clickbank videos. I don't visit BHW very often because I spend a lot of time conducting seminars and workshops for various corporations until Summer. Unfortunately, the company in question no longer exists. As you can see the posting is a bit dated...
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    JV: Make Money & Get Dates as a Talent Agent

    eunicemartinez_21 First, I haven't decided if this is something I will be doing. This is in the "thinking" stages. I'm just looking for comments, suggestions, recommendations and most of all trying to gauge interest level. If I do follow through (which is highly likely judging from the...
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    JV: Make Money & Get Dates as a Talent Agent

    WANNABIE: Sent a PM to you regarding Skype.
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    JV: Make Money & Get Dates as a Talent Agent

    I'm just throwing this idea out. You can use it if you want and know how to make it work. But it's actually something that I'm considering creating and then licensing out. I'm throwing this out here to get an idea to see if there is any interest in this type of business. My consulting firm...