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  1. DigitalSpawn

    How to promote and monetize on Whatsapp/Telegram groups?

    More and more people using all sorts of messenger groups today. Be it for edgy memes, your anime addiction or your next travel deal. I see alot of potencial but I was wondering 1. how do you promote your group? 2. Can you get "fake" users so the group looks massive to new people joining? 3...
  2. DigitalSpawn

    Using freelancer exchanges (e.g. Upwork and Fiverr) anonymously

    Hi guys, lets say you are a cool web designer in your full time job. You want to make some side money and do that stuff in your free time as well without your company knowing or tracing it. Lets say you register under a different name on a freelancer exchange and recieve money. I saw you could...
  3. DigitalSpawn

    Niche Landing page with free ebook to convert e-mail list to commission?

    Hi guys, I am sure one way or the other you were searching something in the www and then a site popped up which guaranteed you a free ebook including 10 tips on how to solve your problem (e.g. weight loose). I am working in IT and I was wondering if any of you have experience (or a...
  4. DigitalSpawn

    Whatsapp will Start Running Ads in 2019

    Hey guys, WhatsApp will Start Running Ads in 2019 on WhatsApp Status. I am wondering about the potentials not only for the big companies but for people like us. WhatsApp has 1,5 billion users and about 50 Million Users in Germany. About 90% of them are between 14 - 60. I am thinking about...
  5. DigitalSpawn

    German oldie in town

    Hey guys, I am in my late 20s and working in IT. I traveld around (lived in Thailand and Australia) and am currently based in Germany. About 10-15 years ago I was super active in these kind of communities. Now after a long time offline I am doing my research in the marketing/onlineshop world...