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  1. Graymanshield

    High email complaint rate from microsoft.

    Nah buddy, we been sending for over 10 years no problemo. This is a recent problem that occurred on the 10th of August, and it is very strange; We tested it on some of our emails, we sent the content, it landed inbox tab then we opened and clicked our own content. Here comes the fun part, after...
  2. Graymanshield

    High email complaint rate from microsoft.

    Hello, Does anyone on the BHW forums know what's happening with Microsoft spam filter? The complaint rates are spiking going well above 0.5% since the 10th of August. A lot of people I know were affected by this. If you guys have information about this situation, please post it here to share...
  3. Graymanshield

    |OPPORTUNITY| Starter Dropshiping Site FOR SALE !!!!

    That's a decent price for someone with no coding experience. Can you PM me the website URL?
  4. Graymanshield

    Can someone teach me how do I add a direct URL of the video to my tube script?

    Can you give more information, a picture or something?
  5. Graymanshield

    Blackhatworld T-shirts & Merch? Really?

    I could eat for a week for the price of one.
  6. Graymanshield

    Outlook E-mails Going From Inbox To Junk In 12 hours.

    Hello guys, I have been wondering if any of you have experienced a similar issue this past month. Outlook emails are sent, opened & clicked by the user then randomly go to junk folder without the user's consent. Perhaps a Microsoft security update mishap? I am interested to know if anyone...
  7. Graymanshield

    Websites for uploading images with API.

    Hello, I am looking for a bunch of websites that upload your image and keep the original size with API. I have only been using Imgur so far, if you know any other websites it would help a lot.
  8. Graymanshield

    Finally took the plunge...Digital Nomadding during covid19

    Man, it feels like you're sponsored by Estonia. You really are selling it better than any tourism brochure I have come across, must be an amazing experience.
  9. Graymanshield

    Shopify vs WooCommerce – Which is the Better Platform?

    I personally prefer Woocommerce since it is more customizable and cheaper if you have multiple stores.
  10. Graymanshield

    [SHARING] Best AliExpress Alternatives for Dropshipping [Fast Shipping & Good Quality]

    I don't know about Spocket, from my experience their customer support couldn't care less about you and your problems.
  11. Graymanshield

    One-click upsell for Paypal Pro Payflow

    Hello, I am looking for a one-click upsell plugin for Woocommerce that works with Paypal Pro Payflow. So far, the market is saturated with ones integrating with typical payment gateways.
  12. Graymanshield

    Know any websites that redirect?

    Like this one:[Link encoded BASE64]
  13. Graymanshield

    Know any websites that redirect?

    Hello, I need websites that redirect via url, for example: -> redirects to google. Does anyone know any websites that have this feature? PS: I am not talking about shortlinks
  14. Graymanshield

    Get a DA 97 Backlink from Google News -!!!!

    Any tips for getting your publications approved?
  15. Graymanshield

    Looking for similar tool to - but with an api

    As far as I know, most of these services are using API
  16. Graymanshield


    That is very true, had a couple of friends do the exact same thing. Take the opportunity just because they have it. Ended with unsatisfying career paths.
  17. Graymanshield

    Amazon aged buyer account with purchases history and Amazon Review buyer (New/Old active) Account Selling!

    It's better if you send your skype ID rather than skype nickname as there is a duplicate that is scamming people.
  18. Graymanshield

    Newbie introduction.

    Anything that falls in the spectrum of digital marketing.
  19. Graymanshield

    RIP John McAfee

    There should be a full-fledged documentary on his life, I'd watch that.
  20. Graymanshield

    Is EPROLO Helpful

    This has to be a joke right? What is this sad attempt at pushing this low quality supplier. Can a mod check if these people are the same person?