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  1. ian2000

    Suggestions to win a PayPal dispute as buyer in 2018 (digital goods)?

    I recently fell victim to a scammer on Flippa. I found this thread from 2009 which has a lot of great tips but I'm just wondering if anyone with experience can confirm if the info here is still valid in 2018 In summary...
  2. ian2000

    A checkout system that works with my firebase db?

    I have a site built in HTML that sells a software and I maintain my users inside a firebase db. My current checkout system is built on using tools, where my checkout page has a POWR form that users must use to checkout with PayPal. I started with this because POWR not only accepts...
  3. ian2000

    Somiibo - Social Media Bot - Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, Traffic, YouLikeHits & more

    Somiibo : Social Media Bot Hello! And welcome to your new personal marketing assistant! This all-in-one bot will automatically like, follow, repost, and play content which gets you tons of REAL likes and followers! This tool is for serious business people only. Don't settle for fake followers...
  4. ian2000

    [BETA] all-in-one bot for SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, YouLikeHits

    Welcome to Somiibo: Our all-in-one bot automates a wide range of social media platforms. Design your own social media marketing strategy by combining any number of modules together... Available modules: - SoundCloud play bot (automatically like, follow, repost, etc) - SoundCloud promotion bot...
  5. ian2000

    Blog posts rank higher than my site :(

    I'm very new to IM so I did some noob research and bought a service where the person created 10 Web 2.0 sites with some blog posts. My site appeared as a link in some posts obviously. The problem is, when I search my keywords, these dam sites rank higher than my site. What do I do haha? (The...
  6. ian2000

    Sharing/linking images from a site, good for SEO?

    Everyone knows how important it is that other sites link to your pages. But does the same go for images? I would think so. Let's say I need to post on a forum and include an image in my post, if I host the image on my website and then use the image URL for the post... what benefits does that...