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  1. Rj268

    Left my 9-5 job today

    This has been in the works for almost a year but today was my last day of employment. I left a 6 figure white collar job and will be initially taking a cut in pay as I ramp up business. This is a pretty big leap of faith for me. My self employment gig is not totally IM. I have a consulting gig...
  2. Rj268

    Dropped from #1 to #25, why?

    I recently had one of my main keywords drop from #1 to the mid 20's. This site is very strong in this niche and has many keywords ranking at #1 with dozens in the top 3. This seems to be the only keyword that dropped like this. There has been little to no movement with any of the other keywords...
  3. Rj268

    Need some company profiles written

    Looking for someone to write a few company descriptions/profiles, similar to an about page for each business. I will provide URLs to the company sites and all of the information will be there. It could be as simple as rewriting the about page or collecting information from several pages on the...
  4. Rj268

    Need local Google My Business reviews from southern California

    I need GMB reviews from accounts in southern California. Prefer aged accounts. Let me know if you can provide such reviews.
  5. Rj268

    Looking for a good VPS provider

    Time to move on up to VPS. I am looking for managed VPS with CPanel. Who are the best providers out there and what has your experience been like? Thanks in advance.
  6. Rj268

    Are Web 2.0's about dead for SEO purposes?

    For a long time now it's been hard to get web 2.0's to index. Paid indexing services didn't work very consistently and waiting didn't work either. They only thing that worked pretty consistently is backlinks to the web 2.0's. My practice would be to create web 2.0's and then send some...
  7. Rj268

    Internet Marketing without writing skills

    As we all know, IM requires good content to be sucessful. I am far from even a good writer so I outsource nearly all of my content. The hardest part is finding high quality and reliable writers. I am curious how many sucessful internet marketers are here that are not good writers and how you...
  8. Rj268

    Native US English content writer for home improvement and real estate niches

    I am looking for a native US English writer that can thoroughly research and write articles on home improvement and real estate niches. Will need to provide samples in these niches to be considered.
  9. Rj268

    Benefits of jr VIP

    Looking for some input on the benefits of purchasing a Jr VIP membership if I do not plan to sell in the marketplace. I see selling in the marketplace as being one of the biggest perks of the membership. I would like to hear from current and past Jr VIPs as to what are their favorite non-seller...
  10. Rj268

    Need advice for ranking a Spanish website in the US

    I will soon be starting a project that will have all the content in Spanish and target local areas in the south western US. Is there anything special I need to do for keywords or backlinks? Should I work to get backlinks on Spanish websites or will English backlinks work? Any advice for ranking...
  11. Rj268

    Site got hacked.

    Yesterday I noticed one of my PBN sites got hacked. Thankfully, it was a new site, less than 2 weeks old with only a few posts. But they cloaked the site and were auto generating pages in Japanese. They set up Google search console and had several site maps submitted. Search console showed...
  12. Rj268

    Bot that alters SERP

    I have a site that is rankings for local terms. Most of my keywords are the area and another word or two. 3 of the keywords for one particular area has 10-20X the search volume of similar or even larger areas. Not only is the search volume extremely high I have 0 click through on these keywords...
  13. Rj268

    Wayback content not indexing

    I've used plenty of scrapped Wayback content in the past for filler posts on PBNs and expired Web 2.0's. But in the past few months I had over 70% of this content not index. Hand written content on the same sites were all indexed. I had one Blogspot Web 2.0 that indexed but none of the posts...
  14. Rj268

    Long time lurker!

    I have been lurking around Blackhatworld for a few months. I finally decided I should join the community and possibly contribute a little information and get involved in discussions.